The Sip

An archive of notes from 2015—2019

Fava Beans and a Nice Chianti.


I know, it’s been hot out and the summer seems endless, relentless even. You’ve been glugging back crispy whites and anything pink like it was your job—just to stay hydrated, of course. And that’s fine because, yeah, I’ll take a glass (or three) of that kind of refreshment any day. But what about when it’s time to get cozy? You need a good red on hand. It’s gonna get dark earlier soon, the leaves are gonna change color no matter what the thermostat says.

If people are drinking pumpkin spice lattes, the time for a damn fine red is now.

If you like Chianti, this wine is gonna blow your mind. If you’ve never had Chianti, it’s still gonna blow your mind.  Hannibal likes his with fava beans, and Jimmy Fallon is one of the world’s greatest cork soakers (self-proclaimed in his SNL skit). Tuscan wine has certainly made a name for itself, if not as much in the wine world, at the very least in pop culture.

From Tuscany, a place where power is often valued over purity, Montevertine is a delicate beauty to drink for yourself and a few appreciative guests (if you’re so inclined to share at all). It’s impressive company on its own, for its effortless purity and charm; elegant enough to feel more special than your everyday table wine, but also so freakin’ approachable it will become a love at first sip kind of relationship.

Sangiovese is the king pin grape of Chianti, beautiful, rustic, and slightly wild. It is altogether graceful on its own, and the founding wine maker at Montevertine understands its beauty. In fact, he prized Sangiovese so much that he withdrew from the Chianti Classico classification altogether! So even though he’s making wine with Sangiovese in the heart of the Chianti region, he refuses to call his wine Chianti, because he thinks the standards for Chianti are too low!

That’s crazy, I know, but I suppose Italians are as passionate rule-breakers as they are rule-makers,  aren’t they? It’s part of the charm. Rebels. The funny thing is, the Montevertine Sangiovese is actually kinda more Chianti-ish than most wines championing the proud legal status on their labels (and that cute little Chianti rooster on the seal). This is a rare wine opportunity because so little of this wine is even made. It’s a chance to try what Sangiovese tastes like at its best – humble and bright, energetic and easy-going, delicious with almost anything (or nothing at all), and far too easy to drink. 

Here is the perfect fall red to lift your spirits, transition you gently from late summer nights in the backyard to early dinners at home with movies after, all loungy and such. A red to drink now and for the rest of the year. Here today only, until we run out.

I’d snag a few bottles of this one – for now, for later, for you, for friends – there’s only a small stash available, and it’s gonna go quickly.