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I Burg Your Pardon?


What is all this Burgundy talk?

Is it a grape? A place?

The color of your strange Aunt Martha’s corduroy pants?

All of the above, kind of.

Forget the technical details and the expensive collector wines that cost you a month’s pay and just know this: Burgundian wines are both delicious and affordable. In the case of White Burgundy – also known as the world’s gold standard for Chardonnay – you don’t have to spend all yours to drink like a king.

This wine is sleek, generous and abundant in aromas like apples and honey with hints of the sea. One sip and you will be washed away to instant almond-pineapple-y bliss. For the record, this is a dry wine with laser-like structure. More voluptuous than Aunt Martha in her corduroys, but still toned, lean, and clean, to boot.

Domaine Cheveau has been hand-harvesting their grapes since the 1950s in Pouilly-Fuisse and the Maconnaise, making world-class wines that can hold court with some of the greats that come from Crus like Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet. I’m talking third generation family wine-growers, who are super conscious of the land, and that detail just gets passed into the wine so much you can taste it. It’s like when someone is just so Southern, and you’re like, welp, you can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl’s hair – or something like that? This wine has that, and wine nerds call it Terroir. Meaning, simply: it tastes exactly of where it’s from.

Aaaaghhh sorry. Don’t tell anyone I said something so Somm-y.

Side note: Cheese is my Achilles heel, and this wine + Fromager d’Affinois (fancy name for double cream effing brie!) is straight up heaven on earth. Grab some (Wholefoods usually has it), and score major points with your significant other. This cheese is insanely perfect – I’ve finished cake-size wedges on my own with little more than a good glass of this and a spoon. It also takes me back to the days of hiding in the cellar with my Somm buddies at work, pocketing slices off the bread service tray and washing it all down with the White Burg leftovers guests failed to finish.

You could also generously use this wine to make it up to your roommate for eating the last box of mac and cheese (again, an excellent pairing for this treat).

If you’re gonna indulge yourself solo and you’re fresh out of the d’Affinois, cue up Walking Dead and find something to cover in butter. Toast or pasta are personal favs, add parm for bonus points. Because, cheese.

Save the last glass if you have any left for tomorrow, this wine is bound to be even better on day two. Of course, I won’t tell anyone if you finish the bottle on night one. I have.

Street Cred: Bring this to a dinner party and you will have everyone thinking you spent way more than you did. You don’t have to be an expert to know when you taste perfection in a glass. It doesn’t get better than this, trust me. Burg’s the word and Cheveau is the move.