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A “Go-To” Sauvy B.


Fancy woman at the oyster bar: “I’ll have the Sancerre.”

You: “Whatever, Snob,” – to yourself, obviously, you’re not an animal. You then sheepishly order a glass of your own wine, shamed into sticking with what’s familiar because of how uppity she sounded: “just a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for me, thanks.”

Well, look, there’s a lot of bad info out there, and a lot of bad wine, too. And even though you don’t even know if you necessarily like Sauvignon Blanc, you know you’ve at least heard of it, and had it from various parts of the world. Nothing wrong with the go-with-what-you-know approach, and Sauvy B. is a friend that won’t let you down.

But – and I don’t want you to feel weird – there’s something I have to tell you. Whether you are just a die-hard Sauvignon Blanc loyalist, or only ordering it because it’s the one thing you know, we need to get this out in the open. Are you ready for the big reveal? Wait for it…Ok, here we go (sorry, it’s fun to build this up):

Sancerre IS Sauvignon Blanc! Seriously, no joke. I know geography can be dull, but Sancerre is an area that makes its white wine from only Sauvignon Blanc—and that’s your BFF, go-to wine grape!

ATTENTION: if you happen to be in the other half of the group who claims to hate Sauvignon Blanc, keep reading because you’ve never tried a wine like this before.

From Sancerre, a castle-ladden village smattered with beautiful old cathedrals and narrow cobblestone streets and the best cheeses ever, I bring you Lucien Crochet’s epic adventure of a wine. This is a Sauvignon Blanc like you have never had it before. Elegant, dreamy, salty, citrusy and sublime. Words like refined and precise come to mind, and there’s also a power and rich depth so that the flavors just mingle and linger on and on forever-ish.

Sauv Blanc can come from all over the world and take on different profiles like an actor can play many roles. But I dare say, this is the real person (grape) behind all of those characters. Stripped to the essence but still complete, technically flawless, hand-crafted perfection and honesty in a glass. It’s Sauvignon Blanc at its best and most pure – chalky and driven, with white flowers and herbs, all lively and lithe. A classic beauty, zest factor 100. I know. I’m going on and on.

Some wines are game-changers. Special creatures. This is one of them. The perfect example of what they are.

Share it with friends, a loved one, a meal of sea-flavored things, with anything salty and briny, or goat cheeses and lighter fare. You will never look at Sauvignon Blanc (or that fancy woman at the oyster bar) the same way again.