The Sip

An archive of notes from 2015—2019

A Pét-Nat to Swim In.


This wine is a major hit. I’m warning you, it will make you dance, sway in the sun, and feel things. I’d like to swim in it really, refreshing and tickly, doing the backstroke through waves of pink and never taking off my rosé colored glasses.

It’s just so fancy free.

It’s a pét-nat (more on that below) from the Loire Valley and it’s a real gold track on the playlist of things to drink when it’s still a bit warm out and you can still pull off a backyard BBQ instead of fighting the crowd at happy hour. This is the good pop, the kind that makes you feel warm and forever young. Cue George Ezra, Blame it on Me.

And luckily, this jazzy pink pool party in a bottle will be there for you even when summer’s long gone. Fizzy and lively, its honeyed notes keep playing in your glass. You get a little strawberry Bubble Yum at first, which I loved because it made me feel like a teenager. Tiny bubbles carry those bright little flavors swift across the tongue, like the grown up version of a perfect shave ice, tangs of happiness spilling over.

There is a tiny hint of sweetness to this sparkler, but don’t freak out, it’s not actually sweet. This is an uber-natural wine that is left to its own processes to create magic in the bottle, and as a result, there’s a little residual sugar that forgot to convert into alcohol. It’s Van Morrison’s Honey (the Tupelo kind), not the saccharin in a Carly Rae Jepsen single that left us all with a headache and the musical equivalent of tooth rot.

I’m not sure how wine can inspire a teenage kind of summer nostalgia, but somehow this sparkling gem took me straight back to tailgating in the beach parking lot from sunrise to sunset…salt in my hair, first a bronze from the sun and then a second one from the bonfires to follow.

To balance out the loveable bit of juicy red fruit in this treat is a little bit of grit. It’s a simple, honest kind of dirt. Like you took your gum out to snack on fries and make out with your summer crush (around the corner from your house, so your parents didn’t catch you). You stuck that gum on the top of your soda can while you swapped spit and dreamed up a future, and then eventually put the same gum back in your mouth because summer was over and you had to go back to school. You little tart.

It’s okay, this sparkling pink gem is a strawberry-flavored kiss goodbye to summer and those teenage days of yore. And now that we’re all adults, we really can revel in the good stuff – like this wine jam. Swinging in a hammock, cooking in the backyard, snacking and chatting, you need this in your glass, perpetually. Roll down the windows, (extra points if you have a convertible) and let your hair down. Aim your face to the sun and turn up the tunes. Keep your glass full – whether or not you go skinny dipping is up to you, you’re a grown up now. Just don’t let that hold you back.