The Sip

An archive of notes from 2015—2019

Soul Wine.


Sometimes a producer comes along and just blows you away at first sip. I know it sounds hard to believe, but the first magical moment I sipped something from Domaine Rollin, I was in love. Transfixed. Like when art lifts off the page and whips you across the face with its three-dimensional existence, or when a song captures your heart so unexpectedly, draping a magical, musical cloak over your soul that fits just perfectly. Soul wine. We’ve definitely met in a past life, this juice and I. How else could it be so constantly familiar and loving, and yet always revealing something new.  I don’t always go all mushy for a wine, but when I do it’s for a small handful of producers, one of which is Rollin.

Past lives and wizardry aside, this wine has always been there for me. Sappy, I know. But in a less emotional (and at least, factual) account of history, everyone I have served this gem to has also fallen in love with it, on the spot. It just has that thing.

A quick lesson on Burgundy: if it’s red, as in Red Burgundy, it’s Pinot Noir, and if it’s White Burg, it’s Chardonnay all the way. So while it may sound like a far off land shrouded in French mystique, you already know these grapes.

And here’s the magic: most Burgundian producers choose to focus on either white or red, and do it really well. Rollin is a master at both and has been for decades. These wines are super limited, we only got a tiny amount! But here they are, both of them, in their Friday best, dressed to the nines, but effortlessly so. Chic and French, yes, but also willing to give you directions and share a ham sandwich with you.

There is perhaps no better producer with which to get acquainted with if Burgundy has always escaped, eluded, or intimidated you. Never mind that swirl and twirl pomp and circumstance; find a friend and fill a glass, get a good home-cooked meal going or slap together a Postmates order and just let it be the most beautiful and delicious part of your night. This wine is my spirit animal. Although, I do feel a strong connection to the alpaca.

Bonus Haiku:

Spirit animal!

Waves of ruby wine Rollin

White! The alpaca.