The Sip

An archive of notes from 2015—2019

Not your average fling


I’ll start by saying this wine trumps everything you thought you knew about rosé. It’s not some waif that disappears with a hint of grapefruit and a brunch reference. It’s deeper than that – in color, for starters. It’s darker but delicate, filled with forest-y, brambly fruit and flowers that spontaneously bloom at dusk.

You know when something’s so heavenly you just want to inhale it all at once, as fast as possible? Guzzle it with no manners like the glutton you’re free to be (because you’re an adult)? But then, you want to slow time way down and savor every little sip, too…

Well it’s impossible to do both. I tried.

I was conflicted! I wanted to dive in head first! Swim around and maybe even drown myself in this liquid strawberry portal to wine utopia. All these rustic, deep flavors – so much to discover!

I delayed the rush because I was worried it might be fleeting. When I finally tasted it, it reminded me of those Turkish Delights from the Chronicles of Narnia – rose-flavored and enchanting, each subsequent sip bringing an insatiable desire for more as its consequence. Just delicious.

It was the color of a bouquet that just appears on your doorstep, then came the waft of those same flowers leaping from the glass, confirming what I already knew it would taste like before I even dared try it. I had to marvel at all of its sensory wonder.

In case you’re wondering, I did stop to smell the roses as they say, like I aim to do in life always, and also whenever walking Hudson.

Why would you take a jet plane to paradise when you can go on the road trip? I’ll admit, once I got a little sample, the bottle drained quickly. So I opened another (two or three).

You only get the first kiss once, and this is that kind of singular wine. Better to savor it than chug it, but it wouldn’t be hard to do that, either. I’d get a few bottles so you can press rewind as much as possible. It’s summer.


WINE: Vini Rabasco Cancelli Rosato, Abruzzo, Italy 2015

GRAPE: Organically-grown Montepulciano from 40-70 year old vines that have never once seen the use of chemicals or pesticides. Simple ingredients, incredible wine.

HOMETOWN:  The 3.5 hectare Rabasco estate is in the village of Pianella, province of Pescara, in the heart of Abruzzo. Italy! This is a region known for junk wines or cult-like wines that under deliver…this is neither.

TASTES LIKE: strawberries, roses, love potion. Blushing with red fruit but not over done; juicy and wholly satisfying, but keeps you going back for more as each sip brings new flavors of berry treats and savory bites and just enough texture to make it the fairest of light reds and still also rosé; unexpected but right on time, like the breeze showing up for an afternoon nap in the hammock.

GOES DOWN EASY WITH:  Started drinking it before it got all the way cold because we were thirsty – salty tortilla chips and guacamole is a verified match. By the time the steak was ready (a perfectly-cooked bone in rib eye to be precise – If you know me you know: the meat should always be bone-in), it was chilled. This isn’t a pairing wine, it’s damn drinking wine. Steak and vino found each other effortlessly, a match made out of something bigger than lust, but the more we drank the thirstier we got. We ate the entire meal without silverware including the steak, if that tells you anything about this wine’s capabilities to elevate things.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is one of those natural beauties you don’t need to over explain, but it is extremely small production and so I took the liberty of offering it up here even though this wine is also part of the July Monthly Pour (of which there is very limited supply). No other producer in this tiny region is taking the care to make wine as special as this.

Here’s your one chance to get more than a single bottle if you’re already a member, and if you aren’t (not sure what you’re waiting for), this is a way to sample the flavor of me making good on my promise to fill your glass with the absolute best.