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Happily Ever After Tastes Like


Ahh Sancerre: a time-burnished town full of history and beauty, a tapestry of steeples and emerald forests and half-timber houses. We’re talking Loire Valley, where castles and sprawling hills form a landscape so impossibly fairytale you’re practically waiting for Charles Perrault to join you for a sip and invite you on a stroll around some geometric garden or lily pond. 

The wines from here also straddle the realm of reality and fantasy, so easy to enjoy and accessibly tasty, but otherworldly and serene like a chateaux on a postcard.

Enchanting is a word you don’t get to say often, but when it fits, it fits like a custom glass slipper. Cinderella went to the ball, and the King’s son was always by her side, and his pretty speeches to her never ceased, as it was written.

But the part Perrault failed to mention (probably he was drunk) was that this was all because they were sharing a bottle of this same damn Sancerre Rosé while walking across the castle grounds!

That might sound made up (the best fairytales kind of are), but it’s not. And princesses in towers aside, this wine tastes like it rode in on a Pegasus with trumpets playing in the background.

Pinot Noir is the central character, and in this beautifully restrained iteration, it is sheer like a dress that lets the light in just right, tastefully but generously. It’s a rosé is plucked from a plot of botanical pleasures, with roses and irises and ripe berry and citrus pouring over. But it’s also so mineral-laden, chalky, and dry that it rivals those Provençal dreamboats we love to claim as the best rosés on earth.

This wine is fit for modern-day sleeping beauty, a hammock-slung damsel, lounging in perpetuity. Not to be woken, no thirst to be quenched, unless by this majestic pink liquid equivalent of a harp singing, bluebirds chirping, brook babbling.

I say, surely this is the sought-after antidote – not to rouse you from slumber, but to cure endless emails and phone calls, traffic jams and city sounds, gently resolving any such ailments with a faint magical kiss under a canopy of bougainvillea.

I imagine Perrault would delight in this charmer, too: he’d fancy up a new prince, one in dire need of just such a mystic therapy that would strengthen him – not to battle dragons, but rather to take finally take a wine break for once and recline in the hammock himself, with the hot piece of princess ass dozing under his arm midday.


WINE: Domaine Lucien Crochet, Sancerre Rosé, Loire Valley, France 2015

GRAPE: It’s entirely made of Pinot Noir, noblest of grapes, harvested by hand.

HOMETOWN: Sancerre, gem of a wine town in Loire Valley, France.

TASTES LIKE: Blissfully easy to drink, but not without substance, depth, and texture. Salty and dry, floral and citrus and berry, all things amounting to a rosé from the chivalric days of yore, delicate as a glass slipper.

GOES DOWN EASY WITH: foods of all kinds, the obvious rosé fare like fresh vegetables, seafood, sandwiches, breakfast…oops wait what?

If YOU LIKE: Happily ever-afters and once upon a times.