Who we are


 The people behind Wine Woo are a group of individuals who is passionate about Wine. This passion has led them to a path in the wine industry in hopes to help people learn more about the different facets of the Wine industry.

Aside from that, we are also part of the associate’s program of Amazon Service LLC. We advertise Amazon products. However, the products that we highlight are not only for the sake of advertisement. These products are either personally used by us or are referred to by trusted individuals in the wine circle.

We believe that we are in a position to help the mass appreciate wine. It has been considered as luxury, and many have found it intimidating; however, this is not necessarily true. With our never-ending passion and dedication, we continuously strive to provide consumers with better knowledge not only about wine but on its other aspect as well to help them learn how to handle it properly. This way, they will be able to gain an appreciation of wine regardless of its price.

The Owner

Wine Woo is the brainchild of a Sommelier who had fallen in love with wine since the day when first took a sip in his grandfather’s Tuscany cellar.  A Sommelier is someone highly knowledgeable and trained in different aspects of wine. To be a certified Sommelier, one must endure years of training and education to attain its qualification.

However, for Wine Woo’s owner, his dedication to the craft does not end in achieving the Sommelier title alone. He has continued to seek knowledge always and acquire new skills. Due to this, Wine Woo was conceived.

He aims to spread his passion to people by sharing his experience through writing. He describes wine taste to help individuals understand wine better, walking them through their skills and techniques. This way, even cheap wine will feel luxurious once you know how to enjoy it properly. He also provides guides on how to properly handle wine in terms of cooling. His detailed articles are easy to read and are a must-know for any wine consumer.