Summer is fast-approaching, and we all need to do all possible means to freshen up. One of the easiest things we can do to cool ourselves down from the scorching heat is to guzzle refreshing drinks such as fruit juices, soda, beer, or a glass of ice-cold water.

On the other hand, your favorite refreshments won’t be the best to satisfy your thirst without it being cold enough. For that reason, a good beverage cooler is highly essential.

The storage temperature for certain  plays an important part in keeping their quality and safety at best. The chemistry on various drinks delivers their best flavors when stored at certain temperatures. On the other hand, sodas can be as cold as you want since they usually don’t have too much chemistry variation anyway.

With the overwhelming number of beer coolers available on the market these days, it can be quite challenging to choose the best one to invest in. Thus, we have conducted a thorough trial and research wherein we gathered a number of top-rated beverage coolers from different brands.

But before that, what is a beer cooler?

Basically, a beer cooler is a refrigerator for beverages such as soft drinks, juices, bottled water, liquor, etc. Beer coolers are typically smaller in size compared to a traditional fridge. Additionally, due to their smaller size, this type of fridge is more energy-efficient. Beer refrigerators’ thermostats usually range from 36°F to 72°F.

This type of fridge can be defrosted automatically or manually. Auto-defrost coolers work by regularly heating the internal coils to melt ice or frost buildup. Though this feature is highly convenient, it uses more energy since heat is regularly being introduced into a space with a very low temperature.

Manual-defrost, on the other hand, requires you to unplug the cooler in order to melt the frost and ice buildup. Before manually defrosting your beer cooler, you must empty the insides first and move it outdoors to prevent any water damage. Lastly, any exposed coils on beverage coolers must be dusted regularly in order to keep the cooler’s optimum running condition.

If you are considering investing in a beer cooler, you must take a number of considerations into account first. Moreover, to help you narrow down your cooler options, we came up with 13 of the most reliable beer coolers in today’s highly competitive market. You will see the brands Homelabs, Whynter, and Ivation in our top three picks given their exceptional track record in providing top-quality refrigerators.

The 13 Best Beer Coolers on The Market

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1. Our PickhOmeLabs Beverage Cooler

The hOmeLabs beer refrigerator is our top pick for a number of good reasons. This 120-can capacity cooler is ideal for all spaces. A free-standing fridge, it comes with a see-through glass door with steel frames that offer beer-viewing pleasure. Additionally, it offers a sophisticated black exterior and white LED interior lighting which makes the fridge along with the drinks inside aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The hOmeLabs beverage cooler includes three removable and adjustable shelves that allow you to organize the products inside. What’s even better about this cooler is its noiseless fan which is situated on top of the chamber which allows consistent air circulation for a unified supply of temperature all throughout the fridge.

Lastly, this beer refrigerator offers a high-tech LED light defrost function which is hassle-free and energy-efficient.

Things We Like

  • This beer cooler offers a large storage capacity of about 120 cans
  • It delivers a sleek and sophisticated look making it ideal for any space
  • Its noiseless fan ensures no disruptive noise is being produced while the cooler is running
  • It’s LED light defrost function delivers hassle-free and energy-efficient defrosting

Things We Dislike

  • The removable shelves are not as sturdy

2. The Best Beer CoolerWhynter Beverage Cooler

If you are looking for a beer refrigerator that is perfect for efficient and more compact storage, then the Whynter BR-130SB beer cooler is what we highly recommend. This cooler delivers premium features and top-notch design which makes it a great focal point in any space. Thus, whether you plan on putting it in your kitchen, office, or in a small studio, this beer cooler will definitely make a stylish centerpiece.

The BR-130SB is equipped with a powerful compressor and an internal air-cooling system that provides even cooling and ensures consistent temperatures all throughout the fridge. Moreover, what makes this cooler even more unique and impressive is its cylinder lock. The cylinder lock protects and provides added security from unauthorized fridge access.

Things We Like

  • Delivers a large storage capacity while being space-saving at the same time
  • It is equipped with a powerful and energy-efficient compressor
  • Its internal air-cooling system ensures even cooling and consistent temperature throughout the cooler
  • The cylinder lock system safeguards the cooler from unauthorized access

Things We Dislike

  • It produces a bit of fan noise but nothing too disruptive

3. Budget PickIvation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The Ivation beer refrigerator is our top recommendation if you are looking for an excellent quality beer cooler at a more reasonable price. This beer fridge is specifically engineered for storing and cooling red and white wines. It has an 18 wine bottle capacity and is also highly space-saving and portable.

This cooler keeps your wine stored with accurate temperature. It also helps keep your wines at their best flavors by protecting them against exterior elements and light. This cooler’s thermoelectric cooling system ensures the fridge operates with high energy-efficiency. Lastly, this cooler delivers zero vibration and noise while operating.

Things We Like

  • This wine cooler offers a sleek and sophisticated design and color which makes it a great addition into any space
  • It has a substantial storage capacity of about 18 standard-size wine bottles
  • It is compact and space-saving
  • This cooler is specifically designed to keep wines at their best quality
  • This cooler is budget-friendly
  • It operates without producing noise or vibration

Things We Dislike

  • The temperature is not consistent
  • The temperature won’t go down lower than 54 degrees

4. Upgrade PickKalamera Beverage Cooler

If you are looking for a beer refrigerator that offers a satisfyingly large storage capacity, then the Kalamera 154-can beverage cooler is our best pick for you. This cooler not only offers hefty storage capacity, but it also delivers efficient and reliable cooling space for your favorite drinks.

What’s great about this cooler is its ease of setup. You can have it installed under your kitchen counter or in a minibar. Moreover, it can also be set up as a free-standing unit in your dining area, living room, or in your entertainment studio at home.

This fridge is engineered with stainless steel frames and a three-layer transparent glass door. It also offers a blue LED internal lighting which makes the cooler along with the drinks inside look more pleasing. This beverage cooler is designed to maintain a temperature of 38-50°F with no regular stops and starts. Lastly, it’s equipped with ultra-quiet compressors.

Things We Like

  • This cooler offers a generous storage space capacity
  • It is easy to set up and integrates effortlessly into any space
  • Delivers reliable beer storage with high efficiency
  • This cooler delivers a sleek and sharp design which makes it a great space focal point
  • It operates with zero noise and vibration
  • Energy-efficient cooling system

Things We Dislike

  • Given that this cooler’s lowest temperature setting is only down to 38°F, you won’t be able to get ice-cold drinks with it

5. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator

The NewAir AB-1200 allows you to keep your favorite beers cold and at their best quality efficiently. This beer cooler offers a generous storage capacity of 126 cans, making it ideal for business, corporate, or family use.

This beer fridge is equipped with a high-performance compressor that delivers a cooling system that goes down to 34°F. It also comes with 7 thermostat settings which allow you to set the ideal cold temperature for your drinks. This freestanding beer fridge offers a sleek look and optimum durability. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in a reliable cooler that offers both style and dependability, then the NewAir AB-1200 is worth checking out.

Things We Like

  • The NewAir AB-1200 offers a large storage capacity of about 126 cans
  • This beer cooler delivers a cooling system that chills down to 34°F, making it ideal for all types of beverages including white wine
  • This beer cooler is engineered to provide the utmost durability
  • Its sleek design and color make it a great focal point to all spaces
  • Compact and easy to integrate into any space
  • Comes with multiple thermostat settings

Things We Dislike

  • It produces noise and vibration

6. NutriChef Wine Cooler

The NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 thermoelectric wine cooler is one of the best beer fridges you need to look into if you are a massive wine lover. This beer cooler is specially engineered for storing and keeping your favorite wines at their best quality and flavor. This wine cooler offers temperature and air accuracy which are essential for wine storing.

Moreover, this wine cooler features a dual-zone temperature system that allows you to precisely set the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The NutriChef PKTEWCDS1802 comes with reinforced transparent glass door and internal LED lighting which makes the cooler aesthetically pleasing overall.

Lastly, this wine cooler operates with high energy-efficiency, thus making it economically dependable.

Things We Like

  • Engineered to keep various wines cold and maintain their best quality
  • Compact and easy to integrate into all spaces
  • Its dual-zone temperature setting allows you to manually set the cooler’s temperature precisely
  • It offers a sleek and stylish look
  • Highly energy-efficient

Things We Dislike

  • Wine bottles that are over 3 inches in diameter won’t fit in
  • The fan produces a bit of noise

7. Cooluli Mini Beverage Cooler

The Cooluli Mini beverage cooler is perfect for beverage cooling on the go. Whether you are having a road trip or simply going to the office, having a reliable and portable beer cooler is a great investment especially during summer. What makes this mini fridge even more convenient for traveling is its warmer function. This portable mini fridge can store up to six 12-ounce cans that make it ideal for school, office, and dormitory use.

This mini beverage fridge is equipped with USB and AC/DC adapters. It also works with 2-Amp power banks through a USB cable, thus you can still have it working even when you don’t have access to a power outlet.

Additionally, it is also engineered with a thermoelectric cooling/heating system that is also energy-efficient. Enter your text here…

Things We Like

  • Very easy to carry around
  • Can store up to six 12-ounce cans
  • Works as a beer cooler and warmer at the same time
  • This mini beer cooler offers a sleek and durable design
  • It comes with USB and AC/DC adapters
  • Energy-efficient and environment-friendly design

Things We Dislike

  • When the mini-fridge is filled with six soda cans, you will have a hard time removing one because there would be no room for your hand to grip on one can.

8. EdgeStar Built-in Beverage and Wine Cooler

If you are looking for the best space-saving and easy to integrate beer cooler, then the EdgeStar CWB1760FD is one we highly recommend you check out. This built-in refrigerator is specially designed to fit standard kitchen undercounters which makes it highly space-efficient. Additionally, this compact beer cooler allows you to store up to 53 soda cans and up to 17 wine bottles.

The EdgeStar CWB1760FD is also loaded with excellent features such as tempered double-paned glass doors, digital display, touch panel controls, safety lock, stainless trims, and slide-out wooden shelvings.

This beer cooler’s temperature ranges from 68°F down to 38°F, thus making it perfect for storing various types of beverages and wines. Additionally, its air-cooled technology feature ensures the entire fridge interior is cooled to your preferred temperature. The air-cooled technology utilizes dynamic circulation fans which deliver even cooling all throughout.

Things We Like

  • As it is built-in capable, this beer cooler can be securely installed to one’s desired area in any space
  • Highly space-efficient and easy to integrate into any space.
  • This beverage and wine cooler offers substantial room for storage
  • Comes with a number of modern features such as a digital display and touch panel control
  • Built with top-quality and highly dependable materials

Things We Dislike

  • It produces a bit of noise but nothing bothersome

9. Lanbo Beverage and Wine Cooler

In addition to our built-in capable coolers category, the Lanbo beverage and wine cooler is another great option if you wish to invest in a beer fridge that can be mounted in your kitchen undercounter. Moreover, this cooler is undeniably a great addition to studios, entertainment rooms, minibars, or even under your kitchen island.

The Lanbo beverage cooler offers a generous storage capacity of up to 18 wine bottles in the wine zone and up to 55 cans in the soda/beer zone. This fridge is definitely perfect for having your favorite drinks stored in one place. Lastly, the Lanbo beverage and wine cooler is equipped with a powerful compressor with circulation fans for even and efficient cooling.

Things We Like

  • Can be installed securely anywhere
  • Offers generous storage capacity for beer and wines
  • With its sleek and posh design, this beer cooler would make a great addition to any space
  • Its powerful compressor and circulation fans ensure even cooling throughout the fridge interior
  • This cooler is durable and reliable for longterm use

Things We Dislike

  • The light doesn’t automatically turn on when you open the cooler
  • It produces a slight humming noise but nothing bothersome

10. Kalamera Portable Beverage Cooler

Summer is the perfect season for picnics, camping, road trips, and backyard barbecue sessions. However, these activities wouldn’t be complete without your favorite refreshments. For this reason, a portable beer cooler such as the Kalmera mini-fridge can come in handy.

This multi-purpose portable cooler offers a 50-quart storage capacity which makes it ideal for family and small group trips. Additionally, it also delivers an exceptional cooling temperature range of 50°F down to 0°F. Thus, it is perfect for storing any type of drinks and even frozen foods. Lastly, this portable fridge is highly energy-efficient too. Once it reaches peak temperature, it keeps it without utilizing extra energy.

Things We Like

  • Offers a substantial amount of storage capacity for family and small group gatherings
  • Its temperature setting can go down to 0°F which makes it ideal for storing frozen goods as well
  • Durable and energy-saving

Things We Dislike

  • Unlike the Cooluli mini beer cooler, this one doesn’t come with a USB adapter to allow the use of a power bank as a power source

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11. Yeslike Mini Beverage Fridge

The Yeslike mini beverage refrigerator is going to be your best friend when camping, having a backyard barbecue, or when going on road trips. This dual-purpose fridge can be used as a beverage and food refrigerator or as a food and drink warmer.

This fridge can cool down to as low as 32°F which is perfect for all types of beverages or frozen goods. Moreover, it also offers a generous storage capacity of about 6 soda cans. Thus, if you are looking for the perfect cooler to bring on family trips, this one would be a great choice.

Things We Like

  • Can be used as a cooler and warmer for foods and beer
  • Comes with AC/DC and car cigarette socket adapters
  • It is compact and easy to travel with
  • This fridge offers a stylish look and guaranteed durability

Things We Dislike

  • You can’t put a 1-liter water bottle once you already put soda cans inside

12. Antarctic Star Beverage and Wine Cooler

Keep your favorite wines and beer in its best quality and flavor by investing in a top-quality cooler such as the Antarctic Star beverage refrigerator. Wine, in particular, is highly sensitive to heat, so keeping it in a place with a consistently cool temperature is significant. Moreover, this fridge is engineered with a reinforced transparent glass door with an airtight seal to maintain the ideal humidity inside the fridge.

Lastly, this beer and wine cooler offers a generous storage capacity of about 26 standard wine bottles and can also fit a good number of beer or soda cans.

Things We Like

  • Compact but offers a substantial storage capacity
  • Its airtight seal ensures the ideal humidity level inside the fridge is maintained
  • Stylish, durable, and reliable for long-term use

Things We Dislike

  • It is not whisper-quiet

13. Phiestena Beverage and Wine Cooler

If you are someone who is big on wine and beer, you might want to invest in a premium-quality cooler to store your favorite drinks in one place. The Phiestena beverage and wine cooler offer an ample storage capacity of about 20 standard bottles of wine and 78 soda cans.

This beer cooler delivers a temperature range of 50°F down to 38°F which is perfect for storing all types of wine and beer. Showcase your finest wine collection and drinks with this stylish and aesthetically pleasing fridge.

Things We Like

  • Offers a very generous storage capacity
  • Easy to integrate into any space
  • Its temperature range is perfect for storing various types of beer
  • Durable and stylish

Things We Dislike

  • The beer zone doesn’t get cold enough
  • Produces a bit of noise but nothing too loud and bothersome

Beer Coolers Buying Guide

Now that you know some of the best beer coolers in the market, let’s now talk about the things you should consider when buying one. Though they are the best in the market, each of them has its own features, so your choice of a beer cooler will actually depend on whether those said features can meet your needs or not. Without further ado, here are the things you should consider before buying a beer cooler:

1. Consider the beers you are going to store

In order to choose the best cooler to invest in, you must determine what types of beers you plan on storing. In case you are going to store only canned drinks such as soda and beer, you can go for a beverage cooler that caters to canned drinks. On the other hand, if you also need to store some bottles of wine alongside your favorite refreshments, you can go for a double-door cooler where the other side is designed to hold and store wine bottles.

2. Choose the best area to place your beer cooler

Beer coolers are very easy to integrate into any space given their simple and sleek build. Depending on its size, the beer cooler can be placed almost anywhere: in the kitchen, entertainment room, at the office, etc.

3. Look into the essential features

Here is a list of useful beer cooler features you want to look for:

•Safety Locks – Beer coolers with safety locks are common in business establishments such as convenience stores and canteens. A safety lock is essential in preventing theft or for keeping minors away from liquors.

•Dual-Zone Temperature Setting – Most double-door coolers have dual-zone temperature settings. This feature allows you to set different temperatures for each zone.

•Adjustable/Removable Shelvings – Adjustable and removable shelvings allow you to customize the shelves’ height in order to better fit your beers inside.

•Digital Control – Digital temperature controls allow you to easily adjust and monitor the cooler’s temperature for optimum beer cooling and storage.

•LED Lighting – LED lighting is known for being highly energy-efficient. Aside from that, good lighting inside the cooler allows you to showcase your favorite drinks and wine collection. Beer coolers can come with standard white LED light bulbs, but you can also choose to customize your own LED light bulb color that better suits your style.

•Door Options – Beer refrigerators can come with a right swing, a left swing, French, or a reversible door opening.

4. Consider the cooler’s storage capacity

There are numerous types of beer coolers on the market with various sizes and storage capacity. The cooler’s size and capacity you want to choose will depend on the types of beers you plan to store, the volume of people in your household or office, and the volume of your beer collection. Moreover, the majority of coolers indicate their bottle and can capacities, so make sure to check the product description for reference.

5. Look into the cooler’s energy usage

Many people find it daunting to invest in a beer cooler when they already have a standard fridge at home since it can only add to their monthly power expense. However, the majority of beer coolers these days offer low power consumption. When shopping for beer coolers, make sure to look for the energy-efficiency feature.

6. Inspect for operation noise

Nowadays, most beer refrigerators on the market deliver minimal to zero noise and vibration. If you are easily bothered by noise in your appliances at home, make sure to look for a cooler that guarantees ultra-quiet operation.

7. Think about the style

There are various cooler styles that will suit your preference. Transparent glass door fronts with stainless steel frame coolers are the most common option nowadays. Cooler casings also come in various colors.

8. Consider your budget

Beers cooler prices vary depending on the brand, model, and features. Once you know your needs and preferences in a fridge, the next thing you can do is research for different models and brands then compare their price tags. Furthermore, make sure to read reviews from customers to see if a certain product is worth investing in or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the temperature range for beer coolers?

A: Most beer coolers offer a temperature range of 50°F down to 38°F. Some portable beer coolers that double as a food warmer also offer a higher temperature range.

Q: Why should I invest in one?

A: Storing your favorite beers in a safe and cool place is essential in keeping their excellent quality at all times.

Q: What is the difference between built-in and freestanding beer coolers

A: Freestanding units, as the name suggests, can stand alone and don’t require support. Built-in capable units, on the other hand, are crafted to be mounted into kitchen cabinetry or under the kitchen counter.

Q: How do I maintain my cooler?

A: Exposed coils must be dusted at least every six months in order to keep your cooler in good running condition.

Q: Where is the most ideal place to place a beer cooler?

A: Beer coolers are highly flexible and easy to integrate. Thus, you can pretty much install it anywhere you like.

Q: Does it consume too much energy?

A: Most beer coolers available on the market operate with minimal power consumption. Additionally, most coolers also use LED lighting and a digital display which is highly energy-efficient.

Q: What is the difference between a traditional fridge and beer refrigerators?

A: Beer coolers are typically smaller than traditional refrigerators. They are also specifically designed to hold beer bottles and cans. Beer fridges are also more stylish and allow you to showcase your drinks through its transparent glass door.

Q: What does dual-zone temperature setting mean?

A: The dual-zone temperature setting is a feature in beer coolers which allows you to set different temperatures in each zone. This is typically common in coolers catered to storing both wine and beers in two separate zones.


When shopping for beer coolers, you can get easily overwhelmed by tons of different brands, models, size, capacity, and styles to choose from. However, once you’ve done your research and carefully considered all essential factors, coming up with a buying decision will not be as difficult.

Moreover, to help you narrow down your choices, you can also include our top 13 beer coolers as runner ups alongside your candidates. If you are looking to invest in a cooler that solely caters to canned drinks, you can check out our top pick which is the hOmeLabs beverage refrigerator. On another note, if you would like to choose a more budget-friendly wine fridge option, we suggest you have a look at the Ivation wine cooler.

Lastly, the tips and pointers we gave in our buying guide can help you know the essential factors to take into consideration before coming up with your final purchase decision.

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