Nothing announces class like the experience of fine dining and wine complete with the aromatic drag from a cigar. This is where we say that a cigar is not just a cigar, and that’s because of its distinct intensity and pleasure that comes with it. However, all things of value have a particular way to preserve them, and any neglect could ruin their quality, thus reducing the authenticity of the taste and smell. The tobacco leaves inside a cigar will eventually dry up if the environment isn’t regulated, and although this may not sound like a big deal to most, it can ruin the experience, especially if you prefer cigars over cigarettes and vapes. You might also want to get the most out of it, considering that premium cigars can get so expensive. You can deal with this by getting yourself the best cigar humidor.

What is a Cigar Humidor?

Cigar humidors, by definition, is a container that relatively maintains a particular humidity level to ensure that the rolled tobacco leaves have enough moisture to absorb and sustain the flavor and fragrance. This way, you can have your stocks on the ready, without withering and drying up over time. However, getting yourself a reliable humidor can bring a bit of weight to your pocket. Still, it proves to be a decent investment because leaving your cigars in inappropriate places may cost you more, in addition to stressing you out.

Why do you need a Humidor?

Keeping your cigars at their peak by storing them properly will not only retain the flavors but will also prevent it from burning too quickly. In order to keep cigars in their freshest and best quality, they should be stored at 68-70% humidity, and this humidity level is required since tobacco is grown in tropical countries. A good humidor can provide this setting and will ultimately prevent unnecessary dampness and other smells from being included in your every drag.

With that, we prepared a guide when you start looking for the best cigar humidor you can get your hands on. This includes a compilation of our picks of the most prized top-grade cigar humidors in the market and some feedback to help you compare and contrast. We have also prepared a directory that will lead to the things you should consider and information you need to know before buying. Let’s begin.

12 Best Cigar Humidors in the Market

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1. Our Pick: Whynter CHC-122BD Humidor

Preserve your premium cigars with only the best, and here’s one that both casual enthusiasts and real aficionados are quite familiar with. With the amount of convenience it offers, one could only wish you got it a little sooner, but then again, it will now allow you to store your cigars in bulk without fear of it drying up or burning up too fast. Of all the products we can recommend, we present the Whynter CHC-122BD.

Well – crafted, completely constructed with a stainless steel casing, flat shelving, and removable drawers made with high-quality authentic Spanish Cedar, this cigar humidor from Whynter ultimately qualifies as our top pick. We’ve collectively hailed this as the best cigar humidor because of the luxury and convenience it offers. This product is made with top of the line features that include the interior lighting and an adjustable thermostat. It as well includes a built-in internal fan that maintains room temperature and keeps humidity levels of 62% to 75% equal throughout the interior by means of forced air circulation.

This humidor is an Elite Touch Control model with an elegant analog hygrometer and a humidification tray where moisture beads can be placed for increased air moisture. The Spanish Cedar wood also emits a soothing aroma that enhances the cigars and helps in repelling insects that can damage the goods

Things We Like

  • We love how it is incredibly easy and intuitive to use, and even the hygrometers and thermostats are easy to read and adjust respectively.
  • Cigar users or sellers won’t have to worry about their stores losing good quality over the dry seasons, especially when you include moisture solution beds in the interiors or on the humidification tray.
  • It has 2 sturdy flat shelves and a removable drawer that can hold a reasonable number of up to 200 cigars and keep it at top shape and quality for weeks on end.
  • This product remains unparalleled, in terms of the convenience it can provide and the luxury it offers to cigar smokers and enthusiasts all over the world.

Things We Dislike

  • The cold mixture of these humidors may require you to switch and rotate your cigars regularly to avoid the cracking of cigar wrappers.

2. Runner Up: Prestige Milano Countertop Humidor

Hailed as one of the best and most recommended for both enthusiasts and sellers, the Prestige Milano cigar humidor makes for great countertop display because of the clear glass walls and neatly crafted shelving. Secured with a lock and key system to secure your premium cigars, this is a product that proves reliable when placed in shops or hobby stores. The case is made with well – seasoned sturdy dark mahogany with a classy gloss finish and a cozy humidified interior that requires little maintenance and cleaning. Once you’ve placed your cigars onto its shelvings, it’s almost difficult not to be attracted to how the entire set-up looks chic and luxurious.

We particularly like how the storage allows for open and easy surveillance, so you can count your stocks without opening the case, but you will definitely need a humidification system in order to maintain the cigars for a certain period of time. Nevertheless, when all of it is set up, you won’t have to fuss over it repeatedly, and you can go on with your day without worrying about your precious cigars.

Things We Like

  • This glass cabinet humidor for display can hold up to an optimistic count of 125 cigars stacked on 3 angled shelvings with adjustable dividers.
  • For its price, you can get the bang for your buck, and this is a considerably good option for those who consume the cigars and sell them as well.
  • With its economical costing and classic look, this humidor can make for a great gift for any cigar aficionado, enthusiast, or seller planning to put up shop.

Things We Dislike

  • The reliability of the hydrometer that comes with the humidor doesn’t last as long as the product, so it is recommended that you get a digital one if you prefer the exact measurements in its exact.

3. Budget Pick: Woodronic Handmade Glasstop Humidor

For anyone who prefers fine crafted and handmade humidors for their cigar collection, this product from Woodronic makes for an excellent choice. This easily qualifies as the most suitable, if not the best, cigar humidor for those who have a lesser count of cigars to store and are on a budget with their hobby.

The entire set is completely made of wood veneer casing with Bubinga finish, exterior hydrometer, humidified, cedar dividers and a secure tight seal on the glass to ensure a well-regulated humid environment. The interior construction is also made with authentic Spanish cedar walls and dividers, with a felt-covered base. Woodronic is known to be one of the leading suppliers of cigar humidors because of their impeccable craftsmanship and woodworking, and it has yet again, made the most ideal showcase for casual cigar enthusiasts.

Things We Like

  • The glass window is easy to remove and return while allowing you to see the cigars inside of the humidor without having to open it.
  • The showcase can a conservative amount of 30 – 50 cigars at one time to ensure the right temperature and humidity levels to keep them all fresh and far from drying up.
  • The shock-absorbing hinges allow for the slow closing of the lid, thus preventing damage on both the humidor and the cigars.

Things We Dislike

  • It won’t be able to hold a lot of cigars if you are planning to stock up on more.
  • The case doesn’t come with a lock and key system to secure the contents.

4. Upgrade Pick: Whynter CWC-351DD Wine Center Cigar Humidor

We have another top pick from Whynter that has gotten our attention, and it can offer much of an upgrade to your cigar storage game. This stainless steel compartment is almost 3 ft. high, and it can hold up to 350 cigars. Another thing is that it can also store up to 16 wine bottles within its shelvings, while being able to maintain the temperature and the humidity levels as required, without requiring too much maintenance.

It comes with an adjustable thermostat, a dependable hydrometer, and removable drawers that allow for more efficient usage. With this around, you’re guaranteed to have the complete tandem of wine and cigars at your disposal – both at its best quality, too!

Things We Like

  • The stainless steel freestanding set-up is easy to clean, convenient to transfer from one place to another, and renders itself an appliance that’s easy on the eyes.
  • The versatility of this dual compartment product, with separate temperature settings, makes it a great addition to cigar aficionados home, and it could as well serve as an upgrade for anyone setting up a wine and cigar shop.
  • You can expect no clinking, vibrations, and noises coming from this humidor, so it cannot disturb you. It is as well CFC-free!

Things We Dislike

  • It is recommended that the humidor compartment should be seasoned storing any of your cigars in order for it to work its best.
  • It costs more expensive since it is an upgrade, and is not necessarily recommended to beginners or starting cigar enthusiasts.

5. Prestige Landmark Humidor

One look and the warmth of the wood’s cherry finish is enough to draw you in, but this product from the Prestige Import Group offers so much more. With the generous capacity of 300 cigars within its authentic Spanish cedar interior partitions and pull-out wooden drawers, this humidor can easily qualify as the best cigar humidor because of its top-grade craftsmanship and reliable storage capacity. These are also easy to find in local cigar shops, and this might even be their chosen container for their stocks.

Things We Like

  • The exterior appearance is quite classy and eye-catching, making the brand a particular favorite by a number of cigar smokers and collections.
  • The removable drawers come with a lock and key system that will keep the contents secure.
  • Aside from being able to store your premium cigars, you can use the humidor as a storage case for your other smoking accessories because of its ample space.

Things We Dislike

  • The top can be a bit difficult to close while the drawers get stuck from time to time, so some adjusting had to be made before being able to close the case fully.
  • This is a humidor that costs like an investment, but we guarantee that it will give you the value for your hard-earned cash.

6. Prestige Baccus Modern Art Cigar Humidor

Another well-loved product from the Prestige Import Group is this two-toned cigar humidor with the Modern Art Deco aesthetic. Although quite smaller than the previously mentioned humidor, as it can only hold a maximum of 200 cigars, it is also lined with genuine Spanish cedar. Made under the name, Baccus, this remarkable unit comes with fancifully crafted gold handles and glossy black side swing doors for access. One look, and you know it’s one of those bestsellers that will last you a long while. So far, almost every customer that has invested in these units has given their seal of approval, and you could be next.

Things We Like

  • Well-crafted and intricately designed, these humidors also come with a lock and key mechanism that allows you to secure the contents.
  • It has a luxurious look that also makes for a good display in an office or a desk. It also doesn’t make any unnecessary noises that could disturb anyone nearby

Things We Dislike

  • You may have to turn off the humidified after some time once condensation forms on the cigars, which could also damage the quality.
  • It can only hold up to 200 cigars if they are smaller in size or diameter, for bigger ones the capacity may be cut to half.

7. Whynter CHC-251S Stainless Steel Cigar Humidor

Whynter has once again released a reliable cigar humidor model named CHC 251S, which is a free-standing stainless steel casing with authentic Spanish cedar flat shelvings and drawers. Its vibration-free thermoelectric cooler system and adjustable thermostat make the humidification process much easier to control, giving the owner convenience and autonomy.

Another thing to appreciate about any product from Whynter is the fan-facilitated air circulation that keeps the air moving and the moisture retained to avoid any condensation from forming. Consider this a real neat investment, and getting this humidor will surely hold on to hundreds of your premium cigars and keep them in top shape

Things We Like

  • This humidor unit is easy and intuitive to work with, whether you’re a casual enthusiast or you’ve been a cigar connoisseur for the longest time. It’s a sure guarantee that your premium cigars won’t be damaged by both dryness and condensation.
  • The Spanish Cedar interiors add up to the aroma of the cigars, keeps the rolls fresh and slow-burning, and repels any harmful insects.

Things We Dislike

  • The hydrometer may eventually wear out before the unit is ruined, so it is suggested that you get a separate and more dependable digital one.
  • The size and construction may cost you more, but this can be a great investment for avid enthusiasts.

8. Solana Desktop Rosewood Humidor

Made with kiln-dried Maple-burled wood inlays, a high – gloss Rosewood casing, and a Spanish Cedar humidification tray, this Solana Desktop humidor offers a luxurious exterior and a reliably humid interior fit for keeping premium cigars fresh. Its interior linings and wooden compartment promise the best of aroma and moisture retention, thus giving you the best value for your money. It as well comes with a felt-covered bottom that is resistant to scratch and wear off. Other versions of this humidor are also provided by Quality Importers, but the Solana aesthetic appears more classic and headstrong than the rest.

Things We Like

  • The mounted hydrometer is visible through a niche with a glass window to make it visible from the front.
  • This unit is constructed with sure seal technology that properly closes the lid to keep the container airtight and to protect the cigars and the smoking accessories from other chemicals and bugs.
  • A brass nameplate is also included in the set if ever you prefer to personalize this humidor for your own or as a gift.

Things We Dislike

  • Although it is visually pleasing, the craftsmanship is a bit hit or miss when examined up close.
  • The high gloss finish of the exterior is not scratch – resistant and may easily be damaged due to impact.

9. Cigar Caddy Cigar Humidor for Travel

This brand of humidor is particularly designed for transportation and traveling, so the features you can look forward to with these are the sure seal technology, airtight interior, shockproof, and waterproof exteriors and impact or crushing resistance. This was specially made for cigar aficionados who are always on the go, making it a relatively qualified candidate as the best cigar humidor. No longer will you have to worry about your premium cigars getting ruined when exposed to the elements as it can even hold up and withstand a temperature range from 10- 175 Fahrenheit. With this cigar humidor from Cigar Caddy, you’re sure to have your worries circling the drain.

Things We Like

  • It is made with durable ABS molded plastic that is difficult to penetrate and is guaranteed protection for your cigars.
  • You can even take these on hiking trips and are guaranteed to float when placed on running or still water.
  • The set comes with removable and replaceable clasps that can lock and secure the contents of your unit.

Things We Dislike

  • It doesn’t have much capacity since it is made for traveling, so it only has enough space for 10 Churchill cigars.
  • It is not exactly aesthetically – pleasing unlike the other humidors made especially for display.

10. La Madera Cigar Humidor of Glass and Wood

These cigar humidors from La Madera exude authenticity and grandeur when it displays your premium cigars in front of you, and it can suit your office and desk quite well if you decide to place it within reach. More than just your average cigar container, these are lightweight, luxurious, and sophisticated. One look and there is no bulk to bother the eyes, just high – quality solid Cedarwood and class that endures time while keeping your cigars well-preserved and fresh by the time you use them. The top-grade gloss finish of the wood is also scratch-resistant, so you can expect it to give you the bang for your buck.

Things We Like

  • The style and orientation of the storage space is convenient and
  • When seasoned, the kiln-dried Cedar emits a soothing aroma that further improves the fragrance of the cigars.

Things We Dislike

  • It can only store up to 50 cigars, so you might need larger storage if you have more to be stored.

11. Boveda Acrylic Humidor

Unlike the rest of the products placed in this list, this humidor from Boveda is made of durable heavy-duty acrylic with airtight sealing technology, thus requiring no seasoning before use. It utilizes a salt and water solution that guarantees constants 69% RH and is less prone to fluctuations in humidity levels. Its practical design and reasonable dimensions can easily fit into your collection, and will surely give you the best value for your money without taking too much space.

Things We Like

  • This is an affordable option for beginner enthusiasts, and this may even be a good gift for those who are slowly building up their stock of cigars.
  • This acrylic humidor comes with a perforated shelf that allows for air circulation and includes a magnetic closing mechanism that ensures the freshness inside.

Things We Dislike

  • The interior construction is not made of cedar, so unlike other humidors, it will not have the cedar smell that comes with it.

12. Deauville High Gloss Cigar Humidor

Last but not least is another classic – looking humidor with a vintage aesthetic. Quality Importers’ Deauville humidor is made of kiln-dried premium Spanish Cedar, and it makes an impact with its tobacco leaf inlay at the top with a high gloss Maple finish. Its sure seal system includes a proper lid closure mechanism made for optimum moisture and aroma retention, and every sold package comes with a manual to assist you in maintenance.

Things We Like

  • It can hold up to more than a hundred cigars in a single setting
  • The appealing design of the humidors is a favorite amongst early enthusiasts and long-time aficionados, given that it also comes with brass nameplates and gold handles.

Things We Dislike

  • The aroma of the Spanish Cedar may be too strong during the early months of usage, so you can air them out at certain times to avoid this.

Cigar Humidor Buyer’s Guide

The market has a lot to offer when it comes to reliable cigar humidors, but we’re here to look for the best cigar humidor for the gentleman in you. It’s precisely because of this that we came up with this guide to give you an across the board list of things you should take into consideration before adding something to your cart. They are as follows:

Seasonable Wood

The best humidors will have the Spanish Cedar or any aromatic wood, and with that lining the interiors, it can also absorb the moisture that is supposedly for the cigars. This is why getting a humidor with wood or wood-like material you can season is vital, and this can make all the difference in your smoking experience.


Glass isn’t a recommended material for the entirety of a humidor, but having a glass window may come in handy whenever you need to check if condensation has formed in the interior. If you have a reliable hydrometer, you won’t need to do the surveillance at all times, but gauging materials can be faulty at times, and this is one of the most sure-fire ways you can check and find out for yourself if your cigars are getting too damp or too dry.

Sure seal technology

Having all the edges of this humidor sealed will ensure that no other substances or fluids can find its way inside the unit. It also means that small insects will be kept out, thus reducing chances of infestation or damage even if left unattended. Although not all humidors come with this, it can be assured that the best ones do.

Reliable hydrometer

Not every good humidor comes with this, but having a dependable hydrometer that can depict the accurate levels of humidity is important. This is why if the humidor you’ve chosen comes with an analog hygrometer, it is highly suggested that you buy a separate digital hydrometer to be sure.

The most ensuring way to find out if a product is any good is by going to a physical brick and mortar store and talking to the salespeople about your specific requirements for the humidor. You can also bring a sample of a humidor if you’re planning to have an old one replaced at the supply store. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My humidor creates condensation in the interior, is this okay?

A: If you have a glass window and condensation forms inside your humidor, it is best that you reduce the number of humidity in the unit. Although cigars truly need to stay moist and are required to be stored in a humid space, when cigars become too damp the aroma and flavor begin to diminish.

Q: Can a humidor become too damp?

A: It is possible, and it can ruin your cigars, eventually if left unattended. It may start to burn unevenly when used, thus affecting your smoking experience. The worst thing that could happen when the interior becomes too damp is the accumulation of mold, which will ultimately render your cigars unusable.

Q: How do you know if you need to season a humidor?

A: One thing that almost all cigar humidors have in common is that they all have Spanish Cedar as part of the interior, and in the case of seasoning, you can only season porous materials – by that, you can only season wood.

Q: Why is it important to season? How often?

A: Seasoning is vital in enhancing your premium cigar investments, as this protects them from mold, dampness, and dryness. Seasoning the Spanish Cedar linings, partitions, and interiors of your humidor is a form of preparing the surface for the humidity, so it doesn’t absorb the moisture that is supposedly for the cigars. You can season your humidors once a year or every two years to ensure the best results.

Q: Are all humidors made with sure tight seal technology?

A: Not all humidors have airtight and secured interiors since they are, in the most basic sense, containers for cigars. Then again, if you consider your premium cigars as investments, you should as well invest in humidors with this feature. This ensures that no fumes, chemicals, solutions ,and even harmful bugs can get inside your unit and ruin your cigars. This can also give you some peace of mind whenever you leave your humidor unattended.


Now, to wrap things up, remember to always take note of the important features that will make life more convenient for you. Since you are already a person that basks in the greater pleasures in life, invest in something worthwhile that you are sure can make the experience more enjoyable. All the information can get so tedious to understand in the beginning, but a better understanding of the accessories can make you appreciate the object better.

Cigars are one of those things that complete a look and an identity, and it can as well easily be a lifestyle derived from a habit, so make it feel as good as it looks and keep your premiums stored inside the best cigar humidor. We hope this guide has been of help to you, and may you find the one that suits the gentleman in you.


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