Are you looking to store a collection of wine at home?

Beyond that, do you intend to keep both white and red wine for longer-term storage?

If you’ve answered yes to both those questions, chances are you’d benefit strongly from a dual-zone wine fridge.


Best Wine Fridge and Coolers – What to Look For

There are many benefits that can be accrued from owning a wine cooler. It is vital for your bottle of wine to always maintain the right temperature while keeping away from heat, light, humidity, and vibration. A wine cooler helps create the ideal environment for your wine collection for both short term and long term storage. However, there are numerous wine cooler models in the market, and finding the most suitable for your needs can be daunting. There are factors and features to keep in mind when scouting for the best wine cooler for your needs. Here are the factors to keep in mind.

1. Size and Bottle Capacity

Before you head out shopping for a wine cooler, see to it that you evaluate the space available. Of course, wine coolers come in many different sizes, therefore, you need to choose a model based on the space you have in mind and the depth of your collection. If you don’t have much space, built-in models would be a suitable choice. Small wine coolers have a bottle capacity of about 6 wine bottles in the minimum while larger models can accommodate from about 100 to 200 bottles. Basically, you should choose a wine cooler that can hold your current collection and allow space in case you decide to add to your collection.

2. Type of Cooler

The first thing that you should decide is the type of cooler for your needs. Generally, wine coolers can be freestanding, built-in, integrated or counter-top. Freestanding wine coolers have great flexibility and they can be placed anywhere. They are cheap and can accommodate up to 150 bottles of wine. However, these units require proper clearance in order to ensure air circulation and prevent overheating. On the other hand, built-in wine coolers come with standardized dimensions to fit beneath the countertop or alongside cabinets. Although a built-in cooler is a stylish addition to any kitchen space, it can be quite expensive and has a limit to the number of bottles it can hold. The other type is the integrated wine cooler which is usually fitted into a unit and has a small bottle capacity. It is therefore not a suitable choice if you have a growing wine collection. Lastly, is the counter-top wine cooler which works well for those with limited space.

3. Consider the Temperature

Wine should be served at the appropriate temperature in order to improve its flavor. Basically, the best temperature for storing both red and white wine is about 45-55 degrees F (7- 12 degrees Celsius). When it comes to wine coolers, you have the option of choosing between single temperature zones vs. dual temperature zone. Single-zone coolers are designed with one temperature zone, making them an ideal choice for wine enthusiasts who take only one type of wine. So you can only store white or red wine but not both. This wine cooler also features one temperature control and is great for short term wine storage. Dual-zone wine coolers, on the other hand, features two separate compartments for storing different wines at varying temperatures. This type of cooler is more expensive than the single zone cooler and is suitable for those with growing wine collection.

4. Type and Number of Doors

There is a wide range of door options for wine coolers that you can select from including reversible, self-closing, French doors, right or left hinged, sliding and others. Most wine coolers feature a reversible door that offers flexibility with regards to installation and conveniently opens depending on the available space. If energy efficiency is a vital factor for you, then a self-closing door would be a perfect choice. Also, the number of doors in the unit matter depending on its size and capacity. For instance, there are models that feature a single door while others come with double or triple doors.

5. Noise

For most people, noise is an important factor to consider when choosing home appliances. Since most wine coolers use the same technology as that of kitchen fridges, you can expect them to make a similar noise. However, if what you are after is a quiet model, then you should opt for a thermoelectric wine cooler.

6. Cooling Technology

While this is usually assumed, the cooling technology of the wine cooler should be considered. Most wine coolers feature either a compressor or thermoelectric cooling technology.A compressor is the most common type of technology used to operate wine coolers as it operates using a refrigerant like that of refrigerators. Another benefit of compressor wine coolers is that they are powerful and provide stable temperatures. On the downside, they are heavier, expensive and they vibrate and produce a loud noise. On the other hand, thermoelectric wine coolers use the Peltier effect to bring about cooling in the unit. Though they tend to have fluctuations on the outside temperature and come in smaller sizes, they are cheap, energy-efficient, quiet, and have minimal vibrations.

7. Energy Efficiency

Truth be told, running home appliances can be costly, and this is no exception for wine coolers. More often than not, the wine cooler needs to be powered on in order to keep the wine bottles at the right temperature. For this reason, it is a good idea to settle for energy-efficient models that will lower your energy bill. Coolers that are Energy Star certified are a great choice since they consume 20-30% less energy. You may also want to look for energy-efficient features like LED lighting, triple-pane glass, and thermoelectric cooling technology.

8. Price

You will need to compare the price of different wine cooler models so you can pick one that meets your budgetary needs. Just like most products, wine coolers have vast price ranges and it is easy to find one that fits your budget. Generally, the cost is determined by the capacity of the unit and its zone capability. For instance, single-zone wine coolers that have low capacity are on the lower end than multi-zone coolers which have a high capacity.Although sticking to your budget is important, it is recommendable not to settle for cheaper models since they are less dependable. After all, you want an appliance that will preserve and protect the quality of your wine, not destroy it.

9. Additional Features

Other features to keep in mind when buying your wine cooler includes;

  • Anti-vibration System

Some models are designed with an anti-vibration system in the compressor or cooler that minimizes vibrations and noise. Others have vibration-minimizing features such as wooden shelves, motor padding, and rubber feet.

These features are especially important for those who intend to store wine for a long period of time. This is because vibrations can negatively affect the wine’s flavor, color, and body.

  • LED Lighting

It is true that bright light can agitate the wine. However, soft LED lighting is often preferred as it showcases the wine in the cooler without emitting harmful UV rays. Some coolers allow for the LED lights to be dimmed while others do not. So you should make your decision based on your preference.

  • Carbon Filters

Wine and especially the corked one is prone to bad odors when stored in the cooler. This is where carbon filters come in handy to remove the odors and purify the air.

  • Humidity Controls

When wine is exposed to low humidity levels, the cork is likely to dry out, allowing air to get into your wine and damage it. However, with humidity controls, it is possible to regulate the moisture of air in the cooler so as to keep the wine in the right conditions.

  • Digital Thermostat

As mentioned earlier, it is important to keep maintain the right temperature for your type of wine.  A digital thermostat is designed to help you check whether the temperature is where you desire it to be. If not, you can adjust it as required.

  • Touch Control and Digital Displays

Wine coolers that have smart functions, touch controls, and digital displays are sleeker and classy than the traditional models. These functions render the unit easy to operate. In addition, there are some models that are smartphone-compatible.

  • Tinted Glass

The flavor of wine can get damaged when it is exposed to sunlight. For this reason, tinted glass can help to add a layer of protection against damaging UV rays.

  • Upright Storage Space

This is a rare feature that enables you to store opened bottles back in the cooler. With this, you can have the reassurance that your unfinished bottle will be safe inside the wine cooler.

  • Secure Lock

This feature provides safety for your expensive bottles of wine from being stolen or accidentally opened. It acts as a good deterrent especially if you have children in the house.

  • Power Reset

More often than not, the unit is likely to lose its memory when power is interrupted. To avoid this, opt for coolers that have the power reset function that allows it to reset itself to the previously programmed settings in the event of a blackout.

  • Temperature Alarm

A temperature alarm will let you know when the temperature inside drops below the desired range. An alarm may also sound if the door is left open.

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Maybe you’re thinking you could get away with keeping your wine in the fridge.

If so, you’ll end up impairing it. The temperature is crucial when you’re storing wine and you won’t get the right temperature in a regular fridge. Alcohol ages quickly at high temperatures.

Chemically, high temperatures are not good for alcohol either. If you’ve ever noticed a glass of wine that looks brown, chances are it’s been damaged in this way.

To avoid problems with your precious wine being spoiled, you’re best to prepare either a wine cellar or a dedicated wine storage cabinet.

If you’re impatient for the main event, here’s a look at the 5 winners by category from the 10 dual-zone wine fridges:

Quick Summary: The Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers

Our #1 Pick: Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge


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Runner Up: EdgeStar 38-Bottle Wine Cooler


A solid and dependable cooler from EdgeStar, you’ll get a generous 38 bottle capacity split across 2 temperature zones. Slimline and good-looking, you’ll love the price, too.

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Also Great: Koldfront 18-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler


A compact yet spacious 18-bottle cooler, this dual-zone unit from Koldfront is priced keenly, too. You’ll get sleek design, powerful cooling and ultra-quiet operation. What’s not to like?

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Upgrade Pick: Kalamera 66-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge


Eye-wateringly expensive but reeking of quality, this dual-zone wine cooler will accommodate 66 regular bottles of red or white. Build quality is first-class and the cooler makes a real statement in the kitchen, too. Why not treat yourself this holiday season?

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Best Suited For Bar: Allavino Wine Fridge


If you’re looking to add a highly effective dual-zone wine cooler to a small bar, the Allavino makes perfect sense. Looking sleek and with room for an impressive 172 bottles, you’ve got all you need in a fridge built to last.

Check Price


Before we move on to our reviews, we’ll give you a quick walk through of why dual-zone storage is necessary and how red and white wine differs in terms of storage requirements.

We would urge you before reading on to bear in mind that a dual-zone fridge might not be necessary. To find out why, we’ll explore the differences between red and white wines along with how you plan to store your wine.

Dual Zone Wine Fridge temperature and What for Red vs White Wine


Defining a dual-zone white fridge is straightforward…

These coolers come with separate cooling zones so you can maintain separate temperatures but why is this?

Well, red and white wines both respond well to being stored at 55 degrees Fahrenheit if your goal is long-term storage.

If, however, you’re planning to build a collection over time but you also intend to drink your wine along the way – and who doesn’t? – a dual-zone cooler makes the best fit. The reason for this is that wines should be served at differing temperatures.

  • Chardonnay and Chablis: 48 to 52F
  • Dessert Wines and Champagne: 40F
  • Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon: 64 to 66F
  • Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc: 45 to 48F
  • Pinot Noir: 60 to 64F

Ideal temperatures depend on a range of factors including acid, sugar and tannin.

With red wines, they should be brought to somewhere between 50 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit 20 minutes before serving. A particularly full-bodied red calls for storage between 63 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

White wines, on the other hand, need to be kept at 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes before drinking to bring out the very best in them.

Obviously, you’ll need to pay a little more for dual-zone functionality but you get a highly versatile storage solution in return.

You might think when you see this that you could perhaps get away with storing your white wine in the fridge. For short-term storage, this is just about acceptable but there are several good reasons why keeping wine in a fridge doesn’t make the wisest decision.

Firstly, you’ll get too much vibration from a fridge. Most kitchen refrigerators feature pretty large compressors that kick out a good deal of vibration. This disturbs the sediment in your wine bottle and impairs the flavor.

Your storage environment should also be as stable and consistent as possible. Think about how often you open and close the door of your fridge. You’ll be constantly menacing the cooling environment and also introducing far too much light, something wine doesn’t appreciate.

The average fridge is also much too dry.

To salt the wound, the majority of bottles you store in a standard fridge will stand upright in the door panel. This is not ideal since the cork will not remain in contact with the wine. When the liquid makes the cork moist, it will swell up and keep all air from damaging your wine as it matures.

Beyond all these reasons, if you’re hoping to store both red wine and white wine along with the occasional bottle of champagne, a standard fridge just won’t allow you to create a couple of temperature zones. You’ll be stuck with a single temperature and forced to compromise.


The most difficult part of your buying decision concerns establishing whether you really need a dual-zone wine cooler or whether a single-zone unit makes more sense. Remember: it’s all about your overall storage needs. It’s not a case of whether a dual-zone wine fridge is best but whether or not it’s best for you.


With those basics in place, it’s time for our reviews. We’ll walk you through our choice of the 10 best dual-zone wine coolers so you can buy something to do your collection justice.

Top 10 Best Dual-Zone Wine Fridges and Best Wine Coolers

1. Our Pick: Kalamera 46-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Fridge

This 46-bottle dual-zone cooler from the highly reputable Kalamera shows that you don’t need to spend a fortune to keep your red and white wines segregated and stored at their very best.

The 24-inch cooler is reasonably compact considering it can accommodate 46 bottles. You should note that this capacity is based on regular bottles.

With 2 zones, you can keep red and white wines separate and ready for drinking at their respective optimum temperatures. The upper zone has a temperature range of 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit while down below, it’s 50 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.


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The thermoelectric cooling system gives off remarkably little by the way of either noise or vibration.

The stainless steel finish is offset with black giving this cooler a minimalist look that avoids feeling too stark. Indeed, this cooler looks so good that you’ll want to show it off rather than hide it. In terms of placement, this fridge can be built in or left freestanding.

Whether you want this cooler for home or for a small commercial outlet, you’ll get outstanding value and top-notch performance.

Things We Like

  • Runs quietly and with very little vibration so the sediment in your bottles won’t be disturbed
  • Squat, compact footprint despite generous capacity
  • Beech shelves cradle the bottles perfectly for long-term storage

Things We Dislike

  • A few complaints about quality control so check your package closely upon arrival

This powerful 46-bottle cooler is ideal for short-term storage keeping your red and white separate and cooled accordingly. You’ll get first-class build quality and precise climate control from a brand you can trust.

2. Runner Up: EdgeStar 38-Bottle Wine Cooler

Whether you want to house your wine collection at home or you’ve got a small bar or restaurant, this 38-bottle cooler from EdgeStar looks killer in stainless steel and it delivers in fine style.

The separate zones are perfect for keeping your reds and white cooled to the temperature they need. While this is not so critical for long-term storage where a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit across the board is ideal, if you’re bringing wines out for drinking on a regular basis, the dual-zone functionality is key.

With a reversible door, you’ll be able to position it to suit the layout of your room.


Check Price

A compressor-based system, this cooler is for freestanding use only. Do not buy this if you want a built-in unit.

Frustratingly, many EdgeStar coolers seem to arrive with some form of damage so make sure you check your cooler upon arrival bearing this in mind.

For an affordable and efficient wine cooler for a modest mixed collection, EdgeStar come through fully as expected.

Things We Like

  • Utilitarian stainless steel finish is sleek yet understated
  • Shelving can be removed to accommodate larger bottles
  • Door ajar alarm for your peace of mind

Things We Dislike

  • Some issues with this appliance arriving damaged

3. Also Great: Koldfront 18-Bottle Dual-Zone Wine Cooler

If you’re hunting for something a little smaller, this 18-bottle unit from Koldfront is a total winner.

The cooler looks fantastic with the burnished edges contrasting with the muted digital display. Manipulating the temperature from this control panel is a cinch even if you’re not a tech-lover. This cooler comes in both a larger and smaller version so there’s something for everyone from Koldfront.

You should note that this cooler is only suitable for freestanding use so if you’re looking for a built-in unit, this is not for you.


Check Price

Noise and vibration are both kept to a bare minimum thanks to the thermoelectric system. You’ll use less energy while also ensuring the sediment in your wine isn’t agitated. You can manipulate the temperature of each zone using the LCD display and you’ll get soft LED lighting inside. This allows you to monitor your collection without needing to keep opening and closing the door. This is ideal since wine responds poorly to changes in temperature. The more consistent the environment, the better.

For a reliable and attractive cooler that’s large enough for a small collection, Koldfront will not disappoint.

Things We Like

  • Commanding aesthetic with digital display
  • You can slip out a shelf to make room for bigger bottles
  • Tempered glass door for airtight storage

Things We Dislike

  • Only suitable for freestanding use

4. Upgrade Pick: Kalamera 66-Bottle Dual-Zone Best Wine Fridge

If you’ve got the makings of a more sizeable collection of wine, Kalamera offer a 66-bottle fridge that delivers without taking up too much room.

The sleek French doors give you a pair of temperature zones so you can keep both red and white at their best without needing to compromise.

As with all wine coolers, capacity is based on regular bottles so take this into account if you frequently drink champagne or other oversized bottles.


Check Price

The alarm sounds off and also causes the light to glow if you fail to close the door properly. This is a small but important touch. Slotted beech shelving is designed to promote air circulation and keep your wine ready to drink at its best.

If you’ve got a generous budget and you’re looking for one of the best wine coolers on the market, this unit from Kalamera is a must.

Things We Like

  • Onboard alarm gives audible and visual alarm if the door isn’t properly closed
  • Outstanding capacity without eating up too much space in the kitchen
  • Stainless steel contrasts wonderfully with glass for an elegant, industrial chic

Things We Dislike

  • Certainly not the cheapest dual-zone wine cooler

5. Best Suited For Bar: Allavino Wine Fridge

While the Allavino Wine Fridge is costly, this model is intended more for use in a bar than a home kitchen.

Store up to 172 bottles of assorted sizes across the 12 shelves in this tall, slimline unit. The design is ideal for bars where floor space might be at a premium.

The dual zones allow you to store your wine at 40 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit above and at 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit down below. Store red, white and champagne independently so you can give them all the TLC they need.


Check Price

The only real snag with this cooler is that it could run more quietly.

Design-wise, a wine cellar was the inspiration for this fridge and it’s easy to spot.

You can build this unit in or leave it freestanding as you see fit. Why not treat yourself and your business to this neat, space-saving wine fridge? You deserve it.

Things We Like

  • Massive 172-bottle capacity over 12 shelves
  • Fan-forced cooling remarkably energy-efficient
  • FlexCount shelving developed with the specific needs of wine storage in mind

Things We Dislike

  • Some reported issues with noise

6. Wine Enthusiast 32-Bottle Wine Fridge

Wine Enthusiast has been producing coolers for decades and this 32-bottle dual-zone model is a particularly fine example.

The thermoelectric cooling system ensures you won’t be menaced by noise or vibration. This maximizes your placement options while also stopping any agitation of the sediment in your bottles.

The expanse of black would look better in a minimalist, modernist home than set against traditional décor. You’ve got intuitive touchscreen functionality so you can tweak the separate temperature zones and keep both red and white wine at its finest.


Check Price

All 7 chromed shelves slide out so you can more easily access your wine. This also gives you more options when it comes to storing larger bottles that would otherwise crowd out the shelves.

Despite giving you ample storage space for a growing collection, this fridge measures up at just 33 ½ x 15 ¾ x 20 ¼ inches. This means you can slip it into a reasonably compact space.

Things We Like

  • Runs with practically no noise whatsoever
  • Holds 32 bottles of regular wine across 2 temperature zones
  • Sleek, minimalist design with muted interior lighting

Things We Dislike

  • A couple of gripes about quality control so check your package closely upon receipt

7. Koldfront 24-Bottle

Next up is another Koldfront. With coolers like this, it’s not hard to see how they have such a stranglehold on this space.

The 24 bottle capacity is split across 2 separate temperature zones. If you plan to keep both red and white wine in the short-term, discrete cooling zones work best. You’ll be able to maintain each at the temperature it needs to bring out the best in your investment.

The upper zone gives you a temperature band of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit while you can store wine down below between 46 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit.


Check Price

This cooler will only function properly when left freestanding so check out some of the other fridges we highlight today if you need a built-in unit. With noise slashed to almost nothing, you won’t be bothered by that tedious thrum which blights many cheap coolers. You don’t get any vibration either. This means the sediment in your wine will remain unmolested.

For a utilitarian cooler from a brand you can trust, this makes a smart choice.

Things We Like

  • Quiet and vibration-free thermoelectric cooling
  • Smooth and clean lines with cooler occupying a fairly small form factor
  • Generous 24-bottle capacity for a mid-sized collection of red and white wine

Things We Dislike

  • Only intended for freestanding use

8. Wine Enthusiast 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

Wine Enthusiast serves up another classic cooler with this 18-bottle model, again cleaved across 2 distinct temperature zones.

With a temperature range of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit up above and 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit down below, you’ve got all storage bases covered from red to white to champagne.

Despite offering the space for 18 bottles at full capacity, the tall and slim layout means you don’t need too much kitchen real estate. You’ll need to leave this fridge freestanding so make sure you’ve got the space to accommodate.


Check Price

The black and chrome design makes a neat fit with stripped-down, modernist décor.

As a final kicker, not only does this cooler come in at a reasonable price-point, it’s currently up for grabs at an aggressive discount so act swiftly and you could pick yourself up an exceptional bargain.

Things We Like

  • Energy-efficient cooling without any tiresome noise or vibration
  • Tall and slimline unit ideal for more confined spaces
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio

Things We Dislike

  • You can’t build this cooler in so be aware of that before

9. NewAir 29-Bottle Wine Cooler

NewAir makes an entry with our penultimate wine fridge in the shape of this 29-bottle beauty.

Choose from a classic stainless finish or a matte black stainless depending on your décor. Whether you want this cooler in your home or in a small bar, it will slot it neatly just about anywhere.

Despite that impressive maximum capacity, the fridge only measures up at 15 inches across so you should be able to pop it into reasonably restricted spaces.


Check Price

As with all the best wine fridges, both noise and vibration are reduced to negligible levels. The lock on the door keeps inquisitive children out of your precious collection and ensures the cooling zone won’t be compromised.

The design is elegant although you’ll certainly need to dig deep for this cooler. If you’ve got deep pockets and demanding tastes, this is a rock-solid choice.

Things We Like

  • Elegant, eye-catching design
  • Soft blue interior LEDs illuminate your collection attractively
  • Robust 29-bottle capacity

Things We Dislike

  • More expensive than much of the competition

10. Ivation 18-Bottle Wine Cooler

Last but certainly not least is this 18-bottle model from Ivation. We’ll point out front and center that this cooler is pretty bulky considering the small-ish capacity.

That said, in terms of aesthetics, this is one of the sleekest and best looking wine fridges on the market. Is it a case of form over function, though?

Absolutely not. You’ll get everything you need here to keep the light out and the temperature exactly the way you want it in each of the separate zones. Humidity is also controlled and you won’t get any damaging vibration either.


Check Price

Choose from a regular stainless finish or a blacked-out stainless look. Both colorways make a commanding statement in the kitchen.

If you’re looking for dual-zone storage on a budget and you don’t want to get stiffed on the performance front, check out this Ivation today. It’s also available in a larger 24-bottle version.

Things We Like

  • Smoked glass door looks striking while also protecting your wine
  • Touch controls are a cinch to navigate
  • Keep noise, vibration, light and humidity in check to create the perfect dual-zone cooling environment

Things We Dislike

  • Reasonably bulky so make sure you’ve got the space


Well, we trust you’ve now seen the benefits of opting for a dual-zone wine fridge. While this type of cooler is by no means necessary in all cases, if you’re planning to keep different types of wine for the short-term, this configuration is essential.

With red wine, white wine, and champagne, you’ll want to keep them in the short-term at different temperatures. (This is in stark contrast to long-term storage where 55 degrees Fahrenheit works well for all types of wine.)

Buying the best cooler really isn’t that tough if you take the time to think closely about your needs before embarking on the buying trail. We’ve also laid out some of the benefits of buying a dual-zone wine fridge so you can determine whether it makes the best fit for the type of wine storage you have in mind.

Bookmark the Wine Woo for all your home and garden-related needs. We aim to bring you absolutely nothing but the finest products. We also pride ourselves on our frank and honest reviews. If there’s something wrong with a product, we’ll tell you directly. You can follow us on social media too and don’t forget to come back soon!


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The Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges and Coolers 2021

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