Storing wine outside of a dedicated cellar can be problematic but not if you know what you’re looking for.

Investing in a small wine fridge is a smart move if you want that precious wine stored at its best over any period of time.

Today, we’ll be serving you up with a curated selection of the 10 best small wine coolers with a capacity ranging from 12 to 18 bottles. Some special coolers here have space for 2 or 6 bottles. To qualify for our list, capacity needed to be under 20 bottles.


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When you’re looking to pick up a wine cooler, think about how you plan to store your wine and what type of wine you want to store. If you only drink red or white, a single zone fridge would work well. Equally, if you plan to keep both red and white wine for the long haul, they both respond well to storage at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, a single-zone cooler makes a neat choice.

For short-term storage of both red and white wine, opt for a dual-zone wine fridge instead.

Consider capacity and also make sure you’ve got the space in your kitchen. Determine whether you want a freestanding or built-in unit and you’re just about set.

Once you’ve got all these elements in place, you should also look at which design you most appreciate. After all, the cooler will be on plain display in the kitchen so it might as well look the part!

OK, without further ado we’ll get right down to it with our 13 best small wine coolers so you can find the right unit the easy way.

13 Best Small Wine Coolers and Fridges

1. Our Pick: Ivation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (18 bottle)


Our overall winner across all categories is the cost-effective and highly efficient Ivation 18-bottle cooler.

This is a single zone unit so it works best for long-term storage where both red and white wine responds well to being kept at a steady 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re intending to keep both red and white in the short-term, you’re better off investigating a dual-zone cooler.

With enough space here to hold a small collection, you’ll benefit from a highly insulated cooling environment where your wine won’t be menaced by light or incorrect humidity levels. Since this cooler uses a thermoelectric system, you won’t end up with too much or vibration. This means the sediment in your wine bottles won’t be agitated and you won’t end up with spoiled wine.

The cooler looks commanding too with frosted glass and a matte black finish.

For a reliable and efficient wine fridge ideal for a small collection, road test the Ivation and you won’t look back.

Things We Like

  • Frosted, tempered glass keeps the cool inside and the humidity levels in check
  • Runs extremely quietly so it won’t disturb you while you’re watching a movie
  • Easily navigable touch controls

Things We Dislike

  • A few issues with inaccuracy of temperature

2. Runner-up: Homelabs Freestanding Wine Cooler (18 bottle)

Homelabs serves up a solid 18-bottle cooler designed to be left freestanding. We’ll draw your attention front and center to a handful of disgruntled customers claiming the cooler is larger than advertised. That said, these customers did not supply actual dimensions so do your own due diligence.

Also, this is another single zone wine fridge so make sure you’re not planning to store both red and white wine in the short-term only. If so, check out one of the many dual-zone coolers we highlight below.

Those minor gripes set aside, you’ll get a sleek and reliable cooler with capacity for 18 bottles. The shelving slips out streamlining access.

The cooler will keep your wine between 54 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re intending to keep either red or white wine long-term, 55 degrees Fahrenheit works well.

For a sleek and powerful cooler at a reasonable price-point, Homelabs hits another home run.

Things We Like

  • Chrome racks slide out for ease of access
  • Freestanding for your complete convenience
  • Occupies a fairly small footprint despite generous 18-bottle capacity

Things We Dislike

  • Several complaints about inaccurate dimensions so don’t buy this cooler if you have limited space

3. Budget Pick: Magic Chef Single Zone Wine Cooler (6 bottle)


If you’re looking for a wine cooler that’s small but perfectly formed, the Magic Chef holds a half-dozen bottles and takes up remarkably little space in the kitchen so what’s not to love?

As long as you’re sure the 6-bottle capacity is adequate, you won’t be disappointed with this cooler. The single zone unit keeps your precious wine between 46 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit giving you all the flexibility you need for any type of wine or champagne.

Since both of the shelves slip easily out, you’ll have no problem getting to your wine. This also allows you to reconfigure the inside so you can store oversized bottles.

Interior lighting means you won’t need to keep disturbing the cooling environment.

For a dinky cooler that will slot onto your kitchen counter without dominating, Magic Chef punches above its negligible weight.

Things We Like

  • Space-saving model perfect for small kitchens or apartments
  • Both shelves removable to give you more leeway and easy access
  • Rock-solid brand heritage at a bargain-basement price

Things We Dislike

  • Less than ideal for anything other than a small handful of bottles

4. Also Great: NutriChef Dual-Zone Wine Cooler (18 bottle)

Next up is NutriChef with a rugged 18-bottle cooler still small enough for a compact kitchen but giving you the freedom to store a growing collection.

A dual-zone cooler, makes a great fit if you plan to store both red and white wine in the short-term.  The upper zone gives you a band of 46 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit while the lower area spans 54 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep any type of wine or champagne at its finest for longer.

Do you often have a half-finished bottle of wine left after dinner? The NutriChef allows for vertical storage, too. Pop in that unfinished bottle and keep wastage to a minimum.

The squat design looks sleek but takes up a reasonable amount of kitchen real estate. You’ll be able to leave this cooler freestanding or build it in to suit.

For a small wine cooler with a Tardis-like interior from a brand you can trust, give this 18-bottle unit a try.

Things We Like

  • Generous capacity without overtaking the entire kitchen
  • Dual-zone convenience ideal for short-term storage of mixed wines
  • Exceptional build quality

Things We Dislike

  • Customer care can be questionable

5. Under counter: EdgeStar Built-In Wine Fridge (18 bottle)

Our preferred under-counter unit, this EdgeStar is roomy enough to accommodate 18 bottles of red or white in a single zone. As mentioned above, if your goal is short-term storage of mixed wines, this won’t make the best fit. If you prefer the idea of long-term storage or you only drink red or white, this set-up makes a great solution.

As with many of the more flexible wine coolers, you can either build this fridge into the units in your kitchen or leave it freestanding. Capacity is great but the tall and thin footprint means it won’t eat up your whole kitchen.

Blue LEDs inside bathe your collection in muted light so you can see at a glance what bottles you have without needing to keep compromising the cooling environment.

For frost-free cooling with a carbon filter onboard, the EdgeStar is a modern classic that deserves a place on any shortlist of the best small wine fridges.

Things We Like

  • Leave cooler freestanding or build it in for maximum flexibility
  • Carbon filter comes bundled
  • Slim and space-saving design despite the excellent capacity

Things We Dislike

  • Reasonably noisy compared to some of the competition

6. Magic Chef Single Zone Wine Cooler (12 bottle)

Next up is another entry from the stellar Magic Chef with this 12-bottle model perfect for smaller kitchens.

This fridge is one of the prettiest on the market with minimalist looks to set off any kitchen, whether traditional or modern in design.

Another single zone cooler, you’ll be able to house up to 12 regular sized bottles of your preferred tipple then keep it between 54 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Tweak the temperature using the simple but effective digital display. Magic Chef delivers a very user-friendly experience even if you’ve never used a wine cooler before.

The thermoelectric cooling system slashes both noise and vibration to a complete minimum. This ensures neither you nor the sediment in your wine is disturbed.

While this cooler is not exactly cheap, considering the capacity and build quality, it still qualifies as a genuine bargain.

Things We Like

  • Lean and mean blacked-out aesthetics
  • Accommodates a dozen bottles of wine in a small unit
  • Broad band of temperatures from 54 through 66 degrees Fahrenheit

Things We Dislike

  • A few complaints about build quality and problems developing within the first year

7. Avanti Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (12 bottle)

Avanti delivers a 12-bottle cooler that looks a million dollars and costs anything but.

A single zone unit, this wine fridge is most effective for long-term storage of mixed wines or short-term storage of a single variety.

The aesthetics of this fridge from curved door to frosted design mean you won’t want to be hiding your cooler away. This is a countertop model that’s ideal for freestanding use.

The one serious flaw is that customer care is weak. Getting hold of the manufacturer can be tough and a great deal of user feedback centers on underwhelming response times and unhelpful staff.

If you’re looking to keep a dozen bottles of wine impeccably chilled without resorting to the regular kitchen fridge, this might be the smartest investment you make all year. To ice the cake, it’s available at a very keen price so why not treat yourself for Christmas?

Things We Like

  • Elegant curved door lends this cooler a highly attractive look
  • Reasonable capacity in a small and lightweight form
  • You’ll get very little by the way of noise or vibration

Things We Dislike

  • Customer service is lacking when it counts

8. NutriChef Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (12 bottle)

We’ve got another NutriChef up next with this freestanding unit designed to house a dozen bottles of your favorite tipple.

Capable of keeping 12 bottles of regular wine, the only drawback with this cooler is that you will need a fair amount of room for the substantial unit. It measures up at 10 x 20 x 25 inches.

Contoured chrome racks are rugged and caress your bottle neatly.

You’ll get both a circulation fan and a ventilation grill baked in so you’ve got all you need to create the optimum cooling environment for your collection.

As an added kicker, the 1-year satisfaction guarantee removes any reason not to buy. If this cooler doesn’t perform exactly as you hoped, send it back. You can’t really ask for much more than that.

Things We Like

  • Whisper-quiet in operation and generates almost no vibration either
  • Fetching stainless steel design
  • 1-year satisfaction guarantee removing any trepidation from purchase

Things We Dislike

  • Large and bulky considering relatively small capacity so make sure you’ve got the room to accommodate

9. Koldfront Freestanding Dual-Zone Wine Cooler (18 bottle)

Koldfront has a hard-won reputation for producing solid and dependable products that don’t force you to take out a bank loan.           This freestanding wine fridge continues that tradition in fine style.

If you frequently drink both red and white wine and you want to store a few bottles in the short-term, the dual cooling environment makes that a cinch. Keep your wine cooled between 54 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit up above or at 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit down below.

If the 18-bittle capacity doesn’t work well for you, choose between both larger and smaller fridges for something more suitable.

The build of this cooler is highly durable. While it might not be cheap, you’ll still enjoy great value since it’s built to stay the distance.

Things We Like

  • Dual-zone functionality gives you great freedom with storage
  • Larger and smaller versions of this cooler available if the size doesn’t suit
  • Exceptional build quality and lifespan

Things We Dislike

  • Not intended for built-in use

10. Wine Enthusiast Silent Wine Refrigerator (18 bottle)

If you’re looking for a great deal, act quickly since this Wine Enthusiast cooler is currently available at a steep discount.

This model is pushing the limits of a small wine fridge so makes better sense if you’ve got a moderate collection of both red and white that you want stashed only short-term.

This is a freestanding unit so make sure you’ve got space in the kitchen. Dimensions are 37 ½ x 10 x 20 ¼ inches.

If you often drink irregular sized bottles, slip out the shelves to make room for them more readily.

So, if you have ample space and you’d like to keep a growing collection of wine on hand, give this fridge a shot and you won’t be disappointed.

Things We Like

  • Keep all types of wine at its best thanks to twin cooling zones
  • Runs very quietly and draws down very little electricity
  • 7 shelves all pull out giving you greater freedom to accommodate larger bottles

Things We Dislike

  • Reasonably large for a small wine fridge

11. Ivation Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (12 bottle)

Another Ivation as we edge to the end of our best small wine fridge reviews. This manufacturer prides itself on delivering first-class appliances at ultra-keen prices but is this cooler any good?

In a word, yes. Alongside the regular base model, you can also opt for a stainless steel finish with wooden shelving. A lockable version is also up for grabs so personalize the cooler and roll with what works best.

The single zone gives you enough room for a dozen bottles of your favorite wine without needing a wine cellar.

The heavily insulated doors keep all the cooling inside while also ensuring that humidity levels are just right.

With no noise kicked out and no vibration to interfere with the sediment in your bottles, this cooler is the complete package.

Things We Like

  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • Available in a variety of finishes
  • Option to choose a lockable model, ideal if you’ve got inquisitive kids in the house

Things We Dislike

  • Quite tall so think about placement before committing to purchase

12. NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (12 bottle)

Available in a broad spread of sizes, the NewAir range offers something for everyone. How about this 12-bottle model, then?

As you’d expect from NewAir, build quality is impeccable. Even though this cooler is priced competitively, you can expect years of faithful service and perfectly chilled wine.

The temperature range of 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit gives you the scope to store any wine you like at the optimum temperature. Adjusting this is straightforward and the temperature is precise, an area where many coolers fall down.

Quiet and giving off almost nothing by the way of vibration, you’ll be able to enjoy first-class storage without any inconvenience. That’s exactly the way it should be.

Things We Like

  • Rated at just 25 decibels so you won’t end up disturbed by annoying buzzing
  • Trio of adjustable shelves allows you to personalize storage to suit
  • Muted blue LEDs to illuminate your collection without using too much electricity or exposing your wine to too much light

Things We Dislike

  • Quite wide so won’t make a neat fit in all kitchens

13. Ready to be served: Vinotemp Open Wine Cooler (2 bottle)

Something completely different to round out with this Vinotemp model that redefines small wine fridge.

An open unit, you’ll be able to slip in a pair of regular bottles so they’re ready to serve at the optimum temperature. Measuring up at just 30 x 50 x 30 inches, you’ll be able to pop the cooler on the counter even if you’ve got a busy and overcrowded kitchen.

The temperature range is broad on this model allowing you the flexibility of storing your wine between 41 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. This extends you all the flexibility you need in a single powerful unit.

The only meaningful downside of this cooler is the price tag. Considering the scaled-down capacity, it’s certainly not cheap. We’d argue, though, that the Vinotemp still represents outstanding overall value. Setting that aside, you’ve got an innovative niche solution to the age-old problem of wine storage without a dedicated cellar.

Things We Like

  • Small enough for even the tiniest kitchen while still keeping your wine perfectly chilled
  • Responsive touchscreen to manipulate temperature with ease
  • Runs extremely quietly thanks to thermoelectric cooling system

Things We Dislike

  • Self-evidently of no use for a larger collection


Well, hopefully you’ve got a solid overview of the best small wine fridges on the market.

Fortunately, buying one of these coolers is super-simple since you don’t have too many elements to take into account. We’ve highlighted the capacity of each fridge so you can compare your favorite models at a glance. Focus on whether you want a single or dual-zone cooler. The former works well if you drink only one type of wine or you’re looking to store both red and white wines long-term. If you frequently drink both red and white and it’s short-term storage you’re after, make sure you roll with a dual-zone fridge.

Beyond those essentials, look at the design and whether or not you want a freestanding or built-in cooler. Throw all this together and you’ll find the most effective small wine cooler with relatively little fuss.


We trust you’ve found what you’re looking for today. Don’t forget to bookmark our site, too. Bear with us for a few weeks as we build our site out. IN no time at all, we’ll have prepared you the ultimate wine resource so come back soon. We’re excited with what’s in store and thanks for stopping by!


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The Best Small Wine Fridge and Coolers 2021

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