coleman steel belted cooler review

Steel-belted coolers are ideal for people who need to keep food and drink cold for many days. They are great for taking on camping trips, picnics, and other outdoor activities and are an overall handy item to have in your home.

Coleman is a famous and trustworthy company that specializes in camping equipment and high-quality outdoor gear. The brand was founded in 1900 in Oklahoma, United States, by William Coffin Coleman and is now owned by Newell Brands.

Over the years, Coleman has developed top-of-the-range camping gear. They now sell everything from tents, to sleeping bags, to furniture, camping essentials, coolers, and much more.

In this review, we are going to be learning all about the Coleman steel-belted cooler. We have highlighted its key features and principal uses, along with the product’s pros and cons. By the end of this review, you should know if the Coleman steel-belted cooler is right for you.

A Deep Dive Into The Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

The Coleman 54-quart steel-belted cooler is ideal for every outdoor adventure. It is a cooler that keeps its contents cold for up to 4 days, making it great for extended camping weekends, festivals, and picnics.

The cooler is capable of keeping its contents cool in temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Its iconic design is a real talking point, its bright colors and vintage look make it both a convenient and stylish addition to your outdoor equipment.

Who’s It For?

Most people will find this cooler useful. You can take it on road trips, camping trips, and picnics. It will keep food and beverages cool in sweltering weather conditions, which is ideal for anyone camping, at a festival, or any other outdoor event.

It doesn’t take up a lot of room and is easy to store away when not in use. It also fits nicely into the trunk of your car, or on the floor near the passenger seat, making it super portable and convenient.

What We Like About Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

We want to start by highlighting that this cooler is an excellent value for money item. It is long-lasting and durable, so it doesn’t matter if it gets knocked about in transit from adventure to adventure.

The cooler is versatile and can be taken on day trips or camping with you for a few nights and keeps the temperature in the cooler low for up to four days. We must note that you do not have to be a seasoned camper to enjoy this cooler!

You could even use the cooler as an extra seat if you need one for around the campfire! You can fit plenty of food and drink into the Coleman cooler and be confident that you have plenty of supplies for your trip.

If you are having guests over to your home for a dinner party and enjoying a few glasses (or bottles) of wine, why not keep your wine in this cooler instead of the fridge? That way, your wine will be at the perfect temperature and ready to be served without taking up all of the room in the fridge.

Top Tip: You can make the cooler last for longer than four days by lining the cooler with two ice blocks and a plastic bag. This trick could keep the contents of the cooler cold for up to seven days. Why don’t you try it out for yourselves?

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What We Don’t Like About Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

Even when the cooler is entirely closed, it is not fully sealed. There are small gaps on the back of the lid, which let the cold out. If those seals were closed, the cooler would keep its contents cooler for longer.

Food and drink are kept cool and fresh in this cooler; however, ice does not last for more than a day. This is fine if you are only out and about for a couple of hours, but can be very frustrating if you are camping for a couple of days.

If you are not careful when you close the cooler, the latch can get damaged and eventually stop closing properly. This would need fixing; otherwise, the cooler won’t hold its temperature.


  • Keeps contents cool for up to four days
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Vintage design
  • Great for keeping wine cool


  • The latch is fiddly and delicate
  • Cooler may leak

What’s Included?

The unit comes already assembled and ready to use. It doesn’t require any additional accessories for it to function, which is excellent.

Overview Of Features

You can fit up to 85 cans of your favorite drink inside the cooler, giving you plenty of space for both food and drink for your upcoming trip. Ice can last for up to four days in the cooler, even when the cooler is subjected to 90-degree heat.

The cooler has been built to give you many years of adventures with its sturdy frame and stainless steel exterior. The cooler is made of stainless steel, which means that it will not contaminate its contents with rust, and prolongs its longevity in general.

You can even fit two-liter bottles of your favorite drink (wine, wine, and more wine!) inside the Coleman cooler, and keeping fizzy drinks and wine upright inside is possible. Don’t worry that once you pack the cooler full of food and drink, if it is a little heavy, it has a comfort-grip steel handle that makes the cooler easier to carry.

The Have-A-Seat™ Lid can support up to 250 pounds of weight and has been designed to be a two-in-one cooler and extra seat. You could just as easily use it as a small side table next to your sleeping bag too.

Review Summary

We highly recommend the Coleman 54-quart steel-belted cooler. It has more than just one use and is an important part of your outdoor experience. Investing in a durable and high-quality cooler will see you through years of adventures.

Coleman is a reliable brand to go for and with a six-year limited warranty on this cooler, you can buy it confidently knowing that the manufacturer will resolve any issues. If you have used Coleman products in the past, you will already be aware of their high standards, and this certainly is one that lived up to our expectations!


We have put together a frequently asked questions section below that should answer all of your unanswered questions regarding the Coleman 54-quart cooler. If you have further questions about coolers in general, ask them in the comments section and help each other out!

Q: How many cans can a 54-quart cooler hold?
A: 54-quart coolers can hold up to 85 cans. The Coleman 54-quart steel-belted cooler has a comfortable handle that will make carrying the cooler more comfortable if you do pack it full of your favorite beverages.

Q: How long will a Coleman cooler hold ice?
A: The cooling abilities of Coleman coolers vary greatly between each style. Budget Coleman coolers can keep ice for between 18 to 24 hours, while steel-belted coolers will hold ice for up to four days.

Q: How big should my cooler be?
A: When shopping for a cooler, remember that about 30% of it will be taken up by ice or ice blocks. If you are a family of four on a day trip, a 45-quart cooler would be large enough for everything you need.

Q: What is the best size cooler for cooling wine bottles and champagne?
A: Look for a 50 to 55-quart cooler for keeping a few bottles of wine cold and fresh. Ideally, you want the cooler to be tall enough to store the bottles standing up to avoid leakages.

Q: Are Coleman Coolers made in the USA?
A: Yes, the majority of Coleman items are made in the USA.

Q: Are the hinges of the Coleman 54-quart steel-belted cooler flimsy?
A: If you are clumsy and don’t open the lid with care, the hinges will break. Pushing down on an open lid will weaken any cooler hinge, not just the hinges on the Coleman-quart steel-belted cooler.

Q: Can you put dry ice in a Coleman cooler?
A: Not every cooler type is appropriate for the use of dry ice. Each Coleman cooler is different, so read the instructions carefully before using dry ice in a cooler.

Q: Is there any way of locking the Coleman 54-quart cooler?
A: No, the cooler itself does not have a lock mechanism, and one can not be added without modifying the latch.

Q: Can you add a bottle opener to the outside of the Coleman 54-quart cooler without damaging it?
A: Adding a bottle opener to the cooling unit would require drilling and could damage the unit. We suggest that you tie a bottle opener to the handle so that you are never caught without a bottle opener instead of risking any damage to the cooler itself by attaching an opener.

Buying Guide

Let’s simplify the critical features you need to look for in a wine cellar cooling unit. Although wine cellar cooling units are relatively straight forward, not every unit is appropriate for your wine cellar.

Follow the guide below to help you buy the right wine cellar cooling unit for your cellar. Buying the wrong unit could be an expensive mistake to make, so do your research and buy your unit confidently with the right knowledge.

Noise Level
Wine cellars are usually built under your home, so having a noisy cellar could make sitting in the living area above the cellar very uncomfortable. Older wine cellar cooling units are loud and hard to ignore. Opt for a cooling unit with quiet features, especially if you are living in a small home that easily carries noise around it.

Ease of Repair
Just like any electronic item, malfunctions may occur. Keep your eyes peeled for a unit made by a manufacturer that sells replacement parts. Some manufacturers do not sell replacement parts separately, and you will likely need to replace the whole unit if a component breaks.

Digital Display
Digital displays make seeing how the unit is working easier for you. If for any reason, the unit is cooling the room down too much or not enough, you will notice it as soon as you look at the display and be able to act quickly to fix it.

Units with a digital display usually have a remote control temperature control to make changing the settings easier for you. Electronic temperature controls are almost always very precise, and you can be confident that the temperature you set the unit to is, in fact, the temperature it will work at.

Ease of Installment
Wine cellar cooling units shouldn’t be challenging to install. If you are confident with DIY projects, you should be able to install the unit on your own or with the help of a friend. The easier the unit is to install, the better it is for you as you can remove it for repair with ease if needed.

If you are not confident in installing your wine cellar cooling unit, invite a professional in to help you. The last thing you want to do is to make a mistake and damage your unit.

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A Deep Dive into the Coleman 54-Quart Steel-Belted Cooler

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