Üllo believes in enjoying wine for its natural taste and has made it their mission that the nation enjoys wine for its sharp and exquisite flavor. Many people are actually sensitive to the sulfites in wine which can cause them to have allergic reactions and refrain from drinking it altogether. This has greatly influenced Üllo’s journey to purify wine.

Üllo was founded in 2014 in Chicago by James Kornacki, who has a doctorate in chemistry. Because of his strong background in chemistry, he was able to invent Selective Sulfite Capture™.

Why Use a Wine Purifier?
You do not have to have an allergy to sulfites to enjoy filtered wine. Sulfites are added to wine as a preservation method, but they alter the taste of wine while doing so.

Sulfites aren’t all bad news. They stop your wine from fermenting and turning sour and vinegary. However, if you are a keen wine taster, you will begin to notice the difference in the taste of purified and un-purified wine and you will find yourself longing to enjoy the pure taste at home over time.

This review covers the ins and outs of the Üllo wine purifier and picks apart its features, what it does, and its pros and cons. By the end of this review, you should know whether you want to give the Üllo wine purifier a try, or whether you would be wasting your time and hard-earned cash.

So, let’s dive right into the Üllo wine purifier review to find out what Üllo is all about.

A Deep Dive Into The Üllo Wine Purifier

Üllo is a wine purifier that has been specially designed to restore the taste of wine. It uses a special technology called Selective Sulfite Capture™ filter technology. The Üllo wine purifier is also a wine aerator and has an on/off switch that allows you to choose whether to aerate your wine or not.

This wine purifier can be used on red or white wine and removes any sulfite preservatives in them, leaving you with a smooth tasting glass of joy. It is really easy to use. All you need to do is pour the wine into the purifiers and let it drip through the filter. The other compounds in the wine flow through unaffected, and you are left with an authentic unadulterated tasting glass (or bottle) of wine.

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Who’s It For?

As we mentioned earlier, the Üllo wine purifier is for people who love wine’s pure taste. It is also for wine drinkers with a sulfite sensitivity that ruins their wine-drinking experience.

You do not have to be drinking very expensive wine bottles to use the Üllo wine purifier as it is inexpensive and comes with four wine filters with every order. That is not to say that it doesn’t work on fine wine as it most certainly does and will purify fine and high-quality wine just as well as it does shop-bought wine.

If you are more of a sparkling wine or champagne drinker, you won’t benefit from using the Üllo wine purifier as it could flatten the bubbles in your bubbly. This particular wine purifier is designed to be used on red and white wine only.

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What We Like About Üllo Wine Purifier

This filter removes enough sulfites from the wine so that even people with severe sulfite allergies can enjoy a glass or two of wine without breaking out into a painful allergic reaction. The Üllo wine purifier also clears up the stuffy headache that allergy sufferers experience after drinking a glass of wine.

The wine tastes so much better once it has been through the Üllo filter. It makes a brilliant gift for anyone that loves drinking a glass of wine with their meal as it makes all of the flavors of the food and wine burst together in your mouth.

It feels as if this filter gives you the opportunity to experience wine exactly how it is meant to be experienced. It is better yet straightforward to use, and there is no fussing involved; simply pour the wine through the filter and enjoy it!

What We Don’t Like About Üllo Wine Purifier

The filters are not reusable, and one filter is only good for one bottle of wine. The filters need changing every four to six hours, which is frustrating if you haven’t finished the bottle or just want one glass of wine.

Inside the filters, there is a powder substance that can impact the flavor of the wine. This completely defeats the object and replaces one unwanted wine flavor for another. It is important to mention that the filter doesn’t always make the wine taste powdery and does work well the majority of the time, but when it doesn’t, it is very disappointing.

You must take the Üllo apart to change the filter and clean the wine purifier after every bottle of wine. Do this with the utmost care otherwise, you run the risk of splashing leftover wine on yourself, and there is nothing worse than a red wine-stained shirt!


  • Makes wine taste better
  • Easy to use
  • Compact and portable
  • Comes with four filters


  • Not suitable for sparkling wines
  • Hard to clean

What’s Included?

When you order an Üllo wine purifier, you will receive four filters, a travel bag, a display base, and the Üllo itself. We love how it comes with the added extra of the display base and travel bag as it gives it a rather up-market feel. The Üllo is a cute looking tool and has a very modern aesthetic appeal that is a great conversation starter.

Overview Of Features

Üllo filters
The Üllo filters preserve the wine’s natural aroma and taste while removing the sulfites from the wine. Included are four filters shipped out to you with every Üllo purchase.

Üllo has an aeration setting that can be switched on and off whenever you want. Having the option of turning the aeration setting on and off is not a standard feature and that is what makes the Üllo purifier that much more consumer-friendly.

Most wine glasses, carafes, and wine decanters fit nicely with the Üllo purifier. You can simply sit the purifier on your glass and pour the wine straight from the bottle to the purifier.

The Üllo is made using food-grade BPA-free materials and is safe for repeated use. It is also easy to disassemble and can be washed in the dishwasher without any issues.

Review Summary

It is safe to say that we are incredibly impressed with the Üllo wine purifier; it really does work! It improves the taste of wine and softens the awful headache you get from drinking wine, as well as preventing allergic reactions to sulfites altogether.

If you love wine, you will love the Üllo wine purifier. We highly recommend giving it a go or gifting it to a wine-loving friend.


Are wine purifiers new to you? Have we left you with some unanswered questions regarding the Üllo wine purifier and other wine purifying systems in general? We have put together a frequently asked questions section especially for you.

Below are some of the most common questions surrounding the Üllo wine purifier, along with general wine purifier FAQs. We hope you find the answers you were looking for!

Q: Can you use an Üllo filter on more than one bottle of wine?
A: Yes, you can; however, it may not be as effective on the second bottle as it was on the first. For the best results, clean the Üllo and change the filter after every bottle of wine.

Q: Do wine purifiers prevent hangovers?
A: No, wine purifiers will not prevent hangovers. They prevent those next day uncomfortable headaches for people who are prone to suffering from sulfite allergies. This is not the same as a hangover headache.

Q: What does a wine purifier do?
A: Wine purifiers remove the sulfites that are added as a preservative to wine. Sulfites alter the taste of wine, as well as giving some people very unpleasant side effects.

Q: What is the best wine filter?
A: The Üllo wine filter is considered by many to be the best wine filter on the market today.

Q: Can you filter wine using a Brita filter?
A: No, a Brita filter will not filter the sulfites out of wine.

Q: Can Üllo filter whisky?
A: Whiskey has a higher percentage of alcohol than wine, and therefore does not need sulfites to preserve it.

Q: Does the Üllo wine purifier fit onto a regular wine decanter?
A: Üllo is compatible with most standard-sized wine decanters and fits perfectly on individual glasses of wine. If you are looking for a wine decanter to go with your Üllo purifier, look into purchasing the Üllo wine decanter to match the purifier.

Q: Can Üllo parts be purchased separately?
A: The filters for the Üllo wine purifier can be purchased separately; however, at the moment, that is all. Any missing or broken Üllo parts will require you to replace the whole wine purifier.

Q: How many Üllo filters can I get in a packet?
A: You can purchase Üllo filters in packs of 10. They are inexpensive and should be enough to last you a while and through a special event with friends.

Q: How do you know if the wine purifier you are using is working correctly?
A: If you are sensitive to sulfites, you won’t get a congested nose, skin rash, or any other allergy-related side effects if your purifier is working properly. Suppose you are investing in a wine purifier to drink wine with a more true-to-self and natural taste. In that case, we recommend pouring a glass of wine using the filter, then one without the filter, and compare the difference in taste for yourself.

Q: Can you re-use Üllo filters?
A: It is not recommended to re-use Üllo filters as they will not work very well, or at all, after filtering one bottle of wine.

We hope you found our Üllo wine filter review helpful. What do you think? Are you going to try the Üllo wine purifier? If you have experience using the Üllo wine purifier, or any other wine purifier for that matter, we would love to hear your experiences and thoughts about the product. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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A Deep Dive into the Üllo Wine Purifier

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